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5 Tips to Prevent Seizures in Your Labrador and Golden Retriever

5 Tips to Prevent Seizures in Your Labrador and Golden Retriever

It can be scary for you and those around you to watch your dog experience seizures; the last thing we want is to see our beloved pups in pain such as that. What’s more is that most of the time; we can’t help prevent the seizures from happening, as they are caused by underlying health factors.

Don’t lose hope just yet, though. Check out our five favorite tips on how best to attempt preventing seizures in your Labrador and Golden Retriever furry friends.

  1. Be mindful of your dog’s genetic history.

Just like with us humans, we have to keep in mind where our pups have come from; that means we need to know and understand his or her mom and dad’s medical history and background.

When you adopt the puppy as your own, make sure you ask the owner or breeder what the parent’s medical history is, and specifically question if they have a record of seizures or epilepsy. Some breeds are more likely to have seizures, like Golden Retrievers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take action to help prevent them as best you can.

  1. Feed your dog the proper food.

Healthy eating seems to be a high priority in eliminating seizures. Be sure that your dog is getting adequate nutrition, but also keep in mind that he or she should be getting the proper nutrients. Ask your vet what they recommend for your breed of dog and be sure to keep them on a healthy and happy food intake diet.

  1. Try monitoring your dog’s blood sugar.

According to scientific studies, low blood sugar can lead to seizures. Be sure to include an adequate amount of carbohydrates and sugars in your dog’s diet to avoid this from happening. Always check in with your vet if you’re second-guessing what brand and kind of food you should be supplying them with.

  1. When in doubt, get your dog tested.

Lab tests are important to undergo, especially if your dog is having reoccurring seizures.

Keep in mind, some dogs may have one seizure and then never have another one again. Other dogs, however, will have multiple seizures until you find a fix to the problem. Either way, it’s best you get your dog tested, as treating the problem early on will help prevent further brain damage to your pup.

  1. Always keep calm.

As dog owners, we know that our dogs can sense our every emotion. With that being said, be sure to remain calm when your dog is having a seizure. Try to stay calm most of the time, too, as stress can trigger episodes.

If you have any further questions on treatment plans, reach out to your vet to seek out what options are available to you. CBD oil is currently on the market and helping many dogs with their seizure and epileptic problems. Ask your vet the best choice for your beloved pup.

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