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7 Important Reasons Why Your Dog May Need CBD Oil

CBD has proven to be a very effective form of treatment for a wide range of problems. More importantly, it is also proving to be a treatment that can be beneficial for more than just humans. Our dogs experience a lot of problems that are very similar to human problems at a biological level. Here are a few things that CBD can help your dog with.


1.  Sleeplessness

Insomnia is not that common in dogs but when it does happen it is usually indicative of an underlying problem. In some cases, it can just be too much energy, boredom, and a lack of exercise. CBD can help calm their nerves and also help with problems like inflammation that may be so painful that they are keeping your dog awake.

2.  Glaucoma

Glaucoma is more common in certain breeds but is a common occurrence in dogs. CBD can help lower the severe pain associated with this eye problem. CBD relaxes the nervous system and also lowers blood pressure. Both these things aggravate glaucoma.

3.  Appetite Loss

Dogs aren’t picky with food but sometimes they can lose their appetite. It’s not uncommon for dogs to experience a loss of appetite and it is usually due to an underlying problem. This could range from stress to dental problems to gastrointestinal problems. While CBD can help as a temporary fix it’s best to have an expert look into the matter.

4.  Depression

Just like humans, dogs can be victims of a range of mental health issues. Taking South Africa as an example, they’ve really gone the extra mile to make sure that the quality is unmatched. The most common mental health issue that many dogs suffer from is depression and Cannabuddy oil for dogs can be a fantastic solution to remedy the situation. It’s important to look at detailed reviews on the best oils available in the market to ensure that you’re providing your pup with legit products. Depression could be caused due to a change in their environment, a change of ownership, or physical illness. CBD oil takes care of both mental and physical problems through advanced physical problems might also require medical intervention.

5.  Seizures

Idiopathic epilepsy, or seizures, are generally genetically inherited problems in dogs. The main cause for this unusual brain activity still remains unknown today though there are a number of triggers that have been identified. Seizures mostly occur when there is a change in brain activity. This can be when the dog is about to eat, go to sleep or the dog get extremely excited. CBD can help the neural links that cause seizures.

6.  Anxiety

Dogs feel anxiety for different reasons. Sometimes it can be because they aren’t comfortable with their environment, because they have an underlying physical problem, or simply due to age. If left untreated this can lead to anxiety disorders that have a big impact on the behavior of the dog. CBD can help counter anxiety and help the dog live in a more relaxed state of mind.

7.  Skin Conditions

Topical CBD ointments are fantastic for all kinds of skin conditions. Especially those in which the skin is inflamed or damaged, CBD can provide instant relief and also promote repair and recovery. For skin repair you can apply the CBD directly to the skin, there is no need to ingest it.

For humans and animals alike CBD has proven to be a solution that offers a wide range of benefits with close to no drawbacks. However, it is not a solution that works for everyone and there are those cases in which it causes further problems. If you are considering CBD for your dog make sure you start with very small amounts just to check if they are comfortable with it. If there is no reaction you can up the dosage to meet the weight and age requirements of your dog.

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