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7 Tips to Avert Allergies in Your Yorkshire terrier

7 Tips to Avert Allergies in Your Yorkshire terrier
Yorkshire terriers can be allergic to a wide variety of things on this Earth, including but not limited to, food, shampoo, fabric, and chemicals. Because of this possibility, you’ll want to keep an eye out for any skin-related, paw-related, or otherwise noted allergic reactions.

Below, we’ll name a few allergy instances that your Yorkshire terrier may go through in his or her lifetime. If either of these specific scenarios applies to your pup, consider our helpful tips and use them when necessary.

  1. Identify and avoid triggers.

Be mindful of what your dog touches, smells, and eats. If he or she starts to exhibit signs of an allergic reaction, start journaling what kind of reaction and when it takes place. It may take a little while to figure out what the root cause is, but don’t give up. Once you’ve found the trigger, don’t like your Yorkie touch, smell, or eat what he or she is allergic to.

  1. If your Yorkie is having an allergic reaction to food, start him or her on a different brand.

Higher quality food is always best to give your Yorkie, as they may have allergies to the cheaper brands. If you’re not too keen on the idea of store-bought dog food, do some research or ask your vet what a good homemade dog food recipe would be.

To lessen your Yorkie’s food allergy reaction, you can give him or her Omega 3 supplements once a day. If your pup has trouble swallowing the supplement, check in with your vet as to how you can make it easier for your pet to consume the capsule.

  1. Keep cleaning products out of reach from your Yorkie.

Cleaning products, detergent, and anything with chemicals in it should be kept away from your pet at all times, as they could be allergic to some of the ingredients present in the solution. Be mindful that if your dog does ingest these solutions, he or she may have a severe reaction and not just a simple allergic reaction.

  1. Purchase high-quality shampoos only.

Low-quality shampoos can irritate your Yorkshire Terriers skin and hair, so it’s best to avoid purchasing these products.

If you do choose a low-grade shampoo and conditioner, pay attention to see if any reaction occurs. If it does, start buying better products.

  1. Have your vet put your dog through allergen testing.

It’s likely that you won’t be able to determine the reason behind your Yorkie’s allergies; if that’s the case, putting him or her through allergen testing is your best way to find a real solution. Though your pup may not like it, he or she will thank you in the end.

  1. Avoid using plastic bowls.

Plastic bowls typically have dyes over them to color them a specific shade; for instance, a blue bowl is covered in blue dye to give it a blue appearance. This may cause an allergic reaction in your Yorkie, so try to avoid using plastic bowls when feeding your dog.

  1. Be sure to keep your Yorkie indoors when doing yard work.

If you’re mowing your lawn, working in your garden, or trimming your bushes, keep your Yorkie indoors. Things like freshly cut grass, freshly poured mulch, and bush trimmings can trigger his or her allergies, just like pollen can. Be mindful of this.

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