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Best Cbd Oil for Dogs

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a cannabinoid. This means it’s a chemical compound found in cannabis plants. Cannabis plants have dozens of cannabinoids, each of which affect your body in different ways.

CBD can benefit humans and animals alike – and there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that CBD can treat dogs with certain illnesses. Many people are now harnessing the healing benefits of CBD for dogs.

Interested in using CBD for your dog? Read on to find out the benefits and side effects of CBD for dogs, as well as how to use CBD safely.

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The best cbd oil for dogs

HolistaPet CBD Pet Tincture

CBD Pet Tincture


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CBD Purity Solutions

Honest Paws

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CBD Roasted Peanut Treats

CBD Roasted Peanut Treats


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CBD Roasted Peanut Treats

Honest Paws

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CBD Oil Tinctures

CBD Oil Tinctures


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CBD Pet Tincture

This pet tincture can come in either 150 mg, 300 mg, or 600 mg. All tinctures that are available are construed from full spectrum CBD and other cannabinoids, but there’s no need to worry, as these dropper bottles are concentrated specifically for your pet’s needs. Basically, these tinctures make it super convenient for you to just drop a few drops into your pet’s water or food whenever necessary.

One thing you won’t have to worry about with this product is THC being present, as it is non-psychoactive. All of the ingredients present are 100% natural, with no additives or preservatives.

Price: $25.95 – $144.95

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CBD Purity Solutions

As stated earlier, all orders completed through Honest Paws qualify for free shipping with a purchase of $40 or more. A 30-day Monday-back guarantee is also offered.
. Honest Paws helps dog’s with all of the following issues:

  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Epilepsy
  • Seizures
  • Joint & mobility issues
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Skin & allergy issues

If you don’t understand how to choose a level on the Purity Solutions guideline, visit the website and check out their guide.

  • Anxiety issues
  • Nervous-licking
  • Phobias or fears
  • Road trips and car rides associated with stress or anxiety
  • Sleep improvement

Honest Paws offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with all of their products and free shipping for orders over $40. If you subscribe, you’ll save 15% on your monthly purchase. Head to their website to check out the dosage guidelines they suggest you follow when giving your dog CBD oil and similar products.

Price: $49.95–$89.95

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CBD Roasted Peanut Treats

These stress and anxiety relieving treats are made of 100% natural ingredients. Not only are they organic and vegan, but they also have a delicious green apple and peanut butter flavor naturally injected. In addition, these dog treats are gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO.

Keep in mind that each dog treat has approximately 5 milligrams of CBD oil in them. Each bag purchased has 30 treats within it, all totaling in at 150 milligrams per bag.

If you’d like to save 10% on this product, subscribe to get monthly shipments. Remember, your subscription can be canceled at any time. All subscriptions include free shipping.

Price: $26.95

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CBD Roasted Peanut Treats

Honest Paws makes it their job to help anxious pups out. Their CBD tinctures products are made with 100% pure full spectrum CBD oil. Not only that, but they also make sure their products are non-GMO, THC-free, and all-natural. In addition, these treats are known to help the following issues:

  • Anxiety issues
  • Nervous-licking
  • Phobias or fears
  • Road trips and car rides associated with stress or anxiety
  • Sleep improvement

Honest Paws offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with all of their products and free shipping for orders over $40. If you subscribe, you’ll save 15% on your monthly purchase. Head to their website to check out the dosage guidelines they suggest you follow when giving your dog CBD oil and similar products.

Price: $29.99

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CBD Oil Tinctures

cbdMD CBD Oil Tinctures. This product will be able to help out the following if your dog is facing such issues:

  • Reduce anxiety for the following circumstances:
    • Thunderstorms
    • Separation
    • Car travel
  • Improves overall wellness
  • Increase in energy
  • Decrease pain of different sorts
  • Decrease inflammation due to arthritis and similar situations
  • Reduce seizures
  • Help epileptic dogs

To add, the customer reviews will have you convinced in no-time.

Price: $19.99–$149.99


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Benefits & Side effects

There are numerous benefits of CBD for dogs. Some of the more well-known benefits include:

  • Reducing pain. A 2018 study on dogs with osteoarthritis showed that CBD oil reduced their pain and increased their activity levels.
  • Soothing skin conditions. A 2012 study showed that CBD reduces atopic dermatitis, an inflammatory skin condition caused by allergies, in dogs. This is partly because CBD reduces inflammation.
  • CBD oil can reduce anxiety in dogs. A 2018 survey amongst US-based vets shows that many vets prescribe CBD for anxiety in dogs – and most of them find it to be effective.
  • CBD oil can be used to treat epileptic dogs. A 2017 study looked at dogs with seizure conditions showed that CBD oil safely and effectively treated seizures. It reduced the frequency and intensity of the seizures.

And that’s only the beginning. More and more research is being conducted on the benefits of CBD for dogs. Many veterinarians and pet owners claim that CBD also helps their dogs with appetite problems, allergies, behavioral problems, hyperactivity, and more – and in time, we’ll have scientific evidence showing whether or not it really helps.

In general, CBD is safe for dogs, according to a 2018 study. Studies also show that dogs can tolerate large amounts of CBD. Side effects of CBD for dogs are not common, but they can happen. The side effects include:

  • Fatigue or sleepiness
  • A change in appetite (either eating more or less)
  • Nausea, diarrhea, or vomiting

That said, cannabis itself is toxic to dogs, and shouldn’t be administered to your pets unless it’s under the supervision of a knowledgeable veterinarian.

How Can CBD Oil Help

  • CBD oil for dogs with arthritis: If your dog has arthritis, you’ll know how heartbreaking it can be to see him in pain. He might even struggle to walk or play. Fortunately, CBD is considered to be an effective treatment for pain, both in humans and dogs.

    A 2016 study involved giving CBD-infused gel to rats with arthritis. It seemed to reduce their pain significantly.

    In one of the only studies on CBD and pain in dogs, researchers looked at the effects of CBD on dogs with osteoarthritis. The research involved giving the dogs CBD for four weeks and testing their pain levels. It found that CBD oil decreased their pain levels and enabled them to be more active and mobile.

    More research is needed when it comes to CBD for dogs with arthritis, but for now, the research is very promising and plenty of people swear by giving CBD to dogs with arthritis.

  • CBD oil for dogs with cancer: Since CBD effectively reduces pain, many people give CBD to dogs with cancer. Cancer in dogs is a painful – and surprisingly common – condition.

    There’s a small amount of research that suggests CBD could even stop the growth of certain cancer cells, or kill the cells entirely. However, this research was only ever conducted in cells in a lab or in mice – not in dogs or humans. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) also notes that CBD might be able to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, such as nausea, vomiting, and pain.

    We need far more research before we can confidently state whether CBD oil can treat cancer. But for now, the current research is providing plenty of hope for those with cancer – and those who love dogs with cancer.

  • CBD oil for dog separation anxiety: Separation anxiety is common in dogs, and it can be exhausting for you, your family, and your pet. It can lead to behavioral issues and even health issues. Fortunately, CBD might be able to help.

    CBD seems to reduce anxiety in humans. Some promising research from 2019 found that CBD soothed anxiety, while another 2011 study specifically showed that CBD reduced social anxiety. And it could help dogs too.

    A 2018 survey of US veterinarians showed that many veterinarians prescribe CBD for anxiety – and it seems to work quite well. Unfortunately, though, there isn’t a lot of scientific research to back it up – science-wise, we can’t say that CBD definitely helps dogs with anxiety.

    Why does CBD soothe anxiety? According to a 2014 animal study, CBD changes the way our brain processes serotonin, the “happiness molecule” that keeps anxiety and depression at bay. When someone’s brain struggles to process serotonin, it can cause mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety disorders.

  • CBD oil for depression in dogs: Humans aren’t the only creatures who get depressed – dogs do too. Many people don’t realize that dogs can experience sadness and even depression.

    Dogs might become depressed because of:

    • The loss of a loved one, whether a human or fellow pet
    • Sudden life change, like moving house
    • Being abused or abandoned
    • Having too little attention and/or exercise
    • Surgery and/or illness

    Seeing your dog grieving can be heartbreaking – but CBD might be able to help. Some people believe CBD can treat depression as well as anxiety. Like anxiety, depression can be caused by a problem in the way the brain processes serotonin, the “happiness molecule.” This might be why people say that CBD lifts their mood and seems to make their four-legged friends happier.

    While there are no studies that look at the effect of CBD oil for depression in dogs, many people – including experienced veterinarians – give it to dogs after traumatic or grief-filled experiences. So, if you need something to perk up your pet, CBD might be worth a try.

  • CBD oil for dogs with diabetes: There’s some evidence that CBD can help those with diabetes. While this hasn’t yet been studied on dogs, some lab and rat studies have been very promising.


    Diabetes causes inflammation at a cellular level, and one study found that CBD reduced inflammation in diabetic cells. One study on mice also shows that CBD might be able to prevent diabetes.

    Diabetic dogs need frequent exercise, as exercise can be a great way to manage blood sugar levels. If your dog has arthritis or another painful disease, this might stop him from exercising as often. CBD, a proven anti-pain medication, might help him be more mobile which means you can walk him for longer.

    While it still needs to be studied extensively, many people give CBD to their diabetic dogs in the hopes that it will help them. Remember that CBD isn’t a replacement for your dog’s prescription medication.

  • CBD oil for glaucoma in dogs: Glaucoma is a disease where the eye doesn’t drain fluid out adequately, which means there’s too much liquid in the eye. This liquid puts pressure on the optic nerve. If left untreated, glaucoma can cause blindness.

    You may have heard of people using medical cannabis to treat their own glaucoma. But does this work for dogs?

    Unfortunately, the answer is no. The chemical in the cannabis plant that seems to treat glaucoma is THC, not CBD. THC seems to be toxic to dogs, and therefore should not be given to your pup.

    On the contrary, there’s some research that suggests CBD can actually make glaucoma worse. A mice study conducted in 2018 found that CBD increases eye pressure, which worsens glaucoma. This suggests that CBD should actually be avoided by those with glaucoma.

    If your dog has glaucoma, it’s best to talk to your vet and see what treatment options are possible for you.

  • CBD oil for dogs with kidney disease: Kidney disease is unfortunately common in dogs, especially older dogs.

    The symptoms of kidney disease in dogs include:

    • Drinking significantly more or significantly less water
    • Frequent urination and “accidents”
    • Whining or crying while urinating
    • Fatigue
    • Behavioral changes
    • Blood in urine
    • Chemical smell in breath
    • Change in weight

    Kidney disease in dogs can be caused by:

    • Ingesting toxins
    • Circulatory problems, which stop blood from flowing to the kidneys
    • Urinary tract infections
    • Urinary obstructions

    One of the major issues with kidney disease is the pain. Your dog might be in a great deal of pain with no relief. There is no evidence to suggest that CBD oil can treat kidney disease, but if your dog is in pain, CBD can help make it more manageable as CBD is known to reduce pain and inflammation.

  • CBD oil for dogs with pancreatitis: Pancreatitis, which is a disease where the pancreas becomes inflamed, is sadly a common issue in dogs. There isn’t one single cause of pancreatitis, but your dog is more likely to get it if they’re obese or diabetic. Some breeds are also more likely to get pancreatitis than others.

    The symptoms of pancreatitis include:

    • Pain in stomach
    • Vomiting
    • Nausea
    • Diarrhea
    • Appetite loss
    • Fever
    • Fatigue

    Fortunately, there are treatments for pancreatitis. If you suspect your dog has pancreatitis, talk to your vet immediately.

    CBD, being a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-pain medication, might be able to soothe the swelling and discomfort associated with pancreatitis. While CBD hasn’t been studied in relation to pancreatitis, many people use it to manage these uncomfortable symptoms.

  • CBD oil for dogs with Cushing’s disease: Cushing’s disease is a misunderstood hormonal condition that can occur in dogs. When a dog’s body produces too much cortisol, the stress hormone, it results in a number of uncomfortable symptoms. This is referred to as Cushing’s disease.

    The symptoms of Cushing’s disease include:

    • Hair loss
    • Skin issues, including scaly, hard patches on the skin, thin skin, and dry skin
    • Urinating frequently and having accidents
    • Weight gain
    • Muscle weakness
    • Fatigue
    • Infertility
    • Behavioral issues

    CBD hasn’t been studied for its ability to treat Cushing’s disease. That said, many people use it to manage the symptoms of Cushing’s disease. For example, it may help with fatigue as it can help dogs sleep better, and it may improve anxiety-related behavioral issues.

  • CBD oil for dogs with hot spots: Hot spots – formally known as ‘acute moist dermatitis’ – are painful areas on your dog’s body. They’re usually inflamed, raw, and permanently moist.

    Common in summer, hot spots are caused by bacterial infections. Your dog will be prone to hot spots if they tend to scratch or lick an area excessively. As bacteria thrives in warm, moist environments, the area becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

    Research has shown that CBD is an effective anti-inflammatory drug. One 2012 study shows that it helps soothe inflammatory skin conditions. For this reason, many people believe it soothes inflamed, irritated hot spots. Since one of the main causes of hot spots is scratching, it’s also helpful that anti-inflammatories – like CBD – reduces itchiness.

    Given CBD’s ability to reduce inflammation, it’s no wonder why many people use CBD oil to soothe their dogs’ hot spots.

  • CBD oil for allergies in dogs: Some people believe CBD oil can soothe allergies in dogs, particularly hayfever and environmental allergies. Many dogs are allergic to grass, detergents, dust, and pollen – and seeing your pup struggle with sneezing and skin conditions can be heartbreaking.

    When we have allergic reactions, our bodies swell. This swelling can happen in our nasal passages, our throats, and even on our skin. Since CBD oil is a known anti-inflammatory supplement, many people believe it can keep allergies at bay.

    A 2012 study looked at dogs with atopic dermatitis, which is an inflammatory skin condition caused by allergies. The study found that CBD successfully treated atopic dermatitis. So, if your dog has allergic rashes, it might be a good idea to use a CBD-infused lotion on his skin.

    If your dog is having a major allergic reaction, however, taking him to the vet is your best bet. CBD should be used every day as a precaution – it cannot immediately cure allergies.

  • CBD oil for dogs with rashes and skin conditions: Every dog owner wants their pup to have healthy skin and a beautiful, glossy coat. Sadly, many dogs are prone to skin conditions. This can lead to skin infections and bald patches – and it can leave your dog irritated and sore.

    Dogs can get a number of skin conditions, including:

    • Atopic dermatitis, an allergic skin condition
    • Yeast infections of the skin
    • Dry, flaky skin, which can lead to dandruff-like flakes
    • Folliculitis, a bacterial infection of the follicles
    • Impetigo, which consists of pus-filled blisters

    Unfortunately, CBD hasn’t been researched for its ability to treat all of the above rashes. However, it has proven anti-inflammatory properties, which means it can soothe irritated and swollen skin.

    What’s more? CBD has been tested as a treatment for atopic dermatitis. A 2012 study showed that CBD reduced redness, swelling, and itchiness in skin samples. While more research is needed into the therapeutic potential of CBD for skin conditions, many people find it a very useful treatment.

  • CBD oil for noise phobia in dogs: Phobias are forms of anxiety disorders – and humans and dogs alike can experience phobias. Noise phobias, in particular, are common among dogs. If your dog panics because of fireworks, the sounds of traffic, music, shouting, and more, your dog might have a noise phobia.

    Unfortunately, you can’t protect your dogs from noise 24/7 – but CBD might be able to bring you some relief.

    As mentioned, CBD shows a lot of promise as an anti-anxiety supplement. Research shows that CBD can probably reduce anxiety in humans. In a 2018 survey of US veterinarians, many vets reported that they prescribe CBD for anxiety in dogs. According to the survey, most vets who prescribe CBD for anxiety in dogs find that it works well.

    While there’s a lack of research when it comes to CBD and phobias in dogs, CBD does seem to reduce anxiety – so it might be worth a shot.

  • CBD oil for loss of appetite in dogs: One of the side effects of CBD is that it can affect your dog’s appetite. But, for some dogs, it increases their appetite – and that can be a good thing.

    If your dog is elderly, or if they suffer from a condition like cancer, they might struggle to eat. It’s an unfortunate symptom, because if they’re ill they need as much nutrients as possible in order to have the strength to fight their illness.

    Loss of appetite in dogs is often caused by nausea. It can lead to your dog losing weight, feeling fatigued, becoming more aggressive, and even skin conditions and problems with their teeth.

    Some people believe CBD reduces nausea – which is shown in some studies – thus increasing the appetite. So, if your dog tends to get nauseous and avoid eating, CBD could be a great treatment.

    If your dog has a condition like cancer and you want to try CBD as a form of treatment, it’s essential to speak to your veterinarian beforehand.

  • CBD oil for pain in dogs: One of the most common reasons why CBD oil is prescribed for dogs is to reduce pain. Painful conditions, from arthritis to cancer to injuries, can severely affect your dog’s quality of life. It can stop them from walking, playing, and even sleeping comfortably.

    Fortunately, there’s some evidence that suggests that CBD oil can treat pain in dogs. Science shows that CBD has anti-pain properties. A review on CBD and pain found that CBD can treat pain in humans.

    In dogs, only one study on CBD and pain has been conducted: a 2018 study on dogs with osteoarthritis. The study found that CBD was effective at treating pain.

    To treat pain in dogs with CBD, you could give them a CBD treat or CBD drops. You could also try using a topical CBD treatment, such as a CBD-infused balm or gel, and massaging it into the painful area.

  • CBD oil for hyperactive dogs: Even the sweetest dogs can have behavioral issues. One of the most common issues is hyperactivity, which can cause you and your dog a great deal of stress. If your dog is hyperactive, CBD oil might help you.

    Hyperactivity in dogs can be caused by anxiety. CBD oil might be able to soothe anxiety in dogs, according to observations vets shared in a 2018 survey. This suggests that CBD might be able to reduce hyperactivity if anxiety is the main cause.

    If your dog’s hyperactivity isn’t caused by anxiety, it could be that your dog needs more exercise, more attention, or a better diet. Try adding five extra minutes onto your daily walk and include some time for training. Speak to your vet about a better diet – CBD might be a great supplement.

Is it Safe to Take CBD with Other Medications?

If your dog is already on a certain type of medication, can they also use CBD?

CBD can impact the way your body processes certain medications. In humans, it’s said that you shouldn’t take CBD if you take medication that comes with a “grapefruit warning” – that is, that you shouldn’t eat grapefruit while using the medication. Weirdly, grapefruit and CBD seem to contain certain enzymes. These enzymes affect our bodies’ ability to process medications in the same way.

There isn’t such a thing as a grapefruit warning for dogs, but CBD might still interact with their medication. For this reason, it’s absolutely essential to speak to your vet before giving your dog CBD. If your dog is on chronic medication it’s especially important to ask your vet first.

For best results, look for a holistic veterinarian who has experience with CBD. When you call your vet, simply ask if they’re comfortable advising you on using CBD for dogs. Remember to tell your vet about any medication your dog is using – including vitamins and supplements you’ve been adding to his food – and ask whether it will interact with the CBD.

Is CBD oil safe for dogs?

CBD oil might have many benefits for dogs, but is it safe?

In short, yes. Not only has CBD oil been prescribed for animals for many years by leading veterinarians – there’s also a lot of scientific evidence that shows that CBD oil is safe for dogs.

A 2018 study looked at the effects of CBD oil on healthy dogs. It found that CBD oil is generally safe for dogs. Another 2019 study found that hemp-based CBD oil is seemingly safe for dogs. What’s more? Dogs, like humans, seem to be able to tolerate large amounts of CBD.

Research does note that there might be a few side effects of CBD on dogs, including:

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Appetite changes

To avoid these side effects, always give your dog the correct dosage of CBD. If you’re worried that CBD has made your dog ill, please contact your vet. It’s also essential not to mix CBD with other medications unless your vet has given you the all-clear, as CBD might interfere with certain drugs.

That being said, cannabis itself can be toxic to dogs. Many holistic veterinarians and researchers are looking into cannabis to find whether we can harness the healing power of cannabis without it being toxic to dogs. Time will tell whether this will be possible.

And no, CBD oil won’t make you or your dog feel ‘high’. CBD oil is not intoxicating. So, you can rest assured that your dog will be safe, happy, and healthy after using CBD.

How much CBD oil should I give my dog

This part might require some maths on your part.

In general, you should give your dog CBD oil every day, unless your vet says otherwise. Think of it as a daily multivitamin – it needs some time to work properly.

It’s a good idea to start with a low dose of CBD and increase the dosage over time. Bump it up by one or two milligrams every week. The dose of CBD you use for your dog depends on his weight and his condition. It’s a good idea to keep a notebook and record your dog’s symptoms. This helps you notice whether the CBD is working, or whether you need to increase the dosage.

In general, you should give your dog anywhere between 1mg and 5mg for every ten pounds.

10 pounds: 1 mg – 5 mg
20 pounds: 2 mg – 10 mg
30 pounds: 3 mg – 15 mg
40 pounds: 4 mg – 20 mg
50 pounds: 5 mg – 25 mg
60 pounds: 6 mg – 30 mg
70 pounds: 7 mg – 35 mg
80 pounds: 8 mg – 40 mg
90 pounds: 9 mg – 45 mg

How do you know how much CBD is in each drop of oil? The packaging should state how many milligrams are in each drop. If there is 2mg in each drop, and your dog needs 10mg, give them five drops.

If you’re not sure how much CBD to give your dog, please take a look at this handy CBD dosage chart for dogs. It shows how much CBD to give your dog based on his breed, weight, and condition.

best Organic CBD oil for dogs

Not sure what CBD oil to give your dogs? Opt for organic oil if you can.

Cannabis and hemp growers may use pesticides. Sometimes, these pesticides can end up in the CBD oil. Humans and dogs alike may have bad reactions to these toxic chemicals, including allergic reactions, vomiting, nausea, fatigue, and diarrhea.

Organic means the grower didn’t use pesticides and other nasty chemicals on the plants – which means that your CBD should be totally pesticide-free. Organic CBD oil is considered much safer than non-organic CBD oil, so it should always be your first choice when it comes to your pup.

How do you know whether a particular bottle of CBD oil is really organic? The packaging and website should state that it’s organic, but you should also check out the lab report. A lab report – which should be on their website – should test for the amount of CBD in the product. Advanced lab reports should also test for pesticides, mold, heavy metals, and toxic additives.

If the lab report isn’t available on the website, email the company to ask for a copy. If the company does not have a lab report and isn’t tested in an independent lab, avoid buying their products – you have no way of finding out how legit their products are.

If you’re not sure which brand of CBD to go for, take a look at this list of the best organic CBD brands for dogs. These companies offer a range of CBD products for dogs that are certified organic.

the best full spectrum cbd oil for dogs

If you’ve looked into buying CBD oil before, you might have seen the words “full-spectrum CBD oil,” “CBD isolate,” and “broad-spectrum CBD oil.” But what do these terms mean? And what kind is best for dogs?

  • CBD isolate is pure CBD. No other cannabinoids are added in here.
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil contains many other cannabinoids – not just CBD. The idea is that this oil contains the “full spectrum” of cannabinoids naturally found in cannabis plants.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains a few cannabinoids, but not as many as full-spectrum CBD.

There’s a concept called the “entourage effect.” It’s the idea that CBD works better when combined with other cannabinoids. These cannabinoids could include:

  • CBN (cannabinol)
  • CBG (cannabigerol)
  • CBC (cannabichromene)
  • THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)
  • And more.

Full-spectrum CBD oil is often the go-to oil for people who use CBD. As long as there’s no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in it, it should be safe for your dog to consume. However, it’s best to ask the manufacturer if it’s safe for dogs, or buy a dog-specific full-spectrum CBD oil.

While many manufacturers do make full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs, most companies use CBD isolate to stay on the safe side. CBD isolate is, generally, considered a much safer option for dogs.

This is because we aren’t 100% sure how other cannabinoids affect a dog’s body. THC, specifically, can be toxic to dogs, and it can cause a range of uncomfortable side effects such as fatigue, nausea, and loss of coordination.

Ways To Administer CBD Oil To A Dog

There are many different ways to administer CBD oil to a dog. The method you choose depends on your dog as well as which products are available to you. In general, CBD for dogs comes in the form of CBD oil, CBD-infused dog treats, and CBD-infused topical treatments.

CBD-infused dog treats can be convenient if your dog struggles to take medicine. Many companies make wholesome treats with healthy, tasty ingredients. You can also make your own CBD-infused dog treats at home.

CBD-infused topical treatments, such as lotions, gels, and balms, can be great for treating skin conditions and painful areas. If your dog hurt his knee, for example, massaging CBD-infused gel into the affected area can soothe it quickly. Applying a soothing CBD balm to irritated skin can also reduce the appearance of the rash.

CBD oil, however, is often the easiest delivery method. If you’re wondering how to drop CBD oil into your dog’s mouth, try this method:

  1. Get your dog to sit directly in front of you.
  2. Ensure that your dog is calm and relaxed.
  3. Open his mouth and drop the correct number of drops into his mouth, preferably under the tongue.
  4. Give him a treat and lots of praise. This will make him look forward to his next dosage.

After some time, your dog will get used to this routine and it will become easier. If he isn’t willing to take oil drops, you could add CBD oil to your dog’s food. Mix it in thoroughly and ensure he eats all of it.

Can veterinarians prescribe cbd oil

While CBD is usually available over-the-counter at health stores, dispensaries, and online stores, it’s best to talk to a veterinarian before giving your dog CBD. That’s because CBD might not be suitable for some dogs, and it might interfere with the other medications that your dog is taking.

CBD oil is legal in most places around the world, but most of the laws around CBD specifically talk about human patients. So, while in some places it’s totally legal to prescribe CBD for dogs, it’s not legal to do so in others. But in most countries, the laws around prescribing CBD for pets is unclear. This means that some veterinarians avoid prescribing CBD oil for dogs, because they’re afraid of breaking the law.

According to a 2018 survey of veterinarians in the U.S., 61.5 percent of veterinarians felt comfortable discussing the use of CBD with their colleagues, and only 45.5 percent feel comfortable talking to their patients about it. The survey showed that many vets feel that they need more direction and support from veterinary groups in order to feel more confident about prescribing CBD.

More and more veterinarians are calling for clearer laws around CBD and pets, as well as more research. The more research on CBD and dogs is conducted, the more we’ll know about how we can use it. When we have more evidence showing how safe and effective it is, the law will eventually catch up and allow veterinarians to prescribe CBD for dogs.

If you’re not sure whether your vet can prescribe CBD, give them a call and ask about it. Holistic veterinarians are more likely to know about, and prescribe, CBD for dogs, so they might be your best bet.

How to Choose the best cbd oil for dogs

You’re truly spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding which CBD oil to buy for your furry friend. So many companies now produce CBD oil for dogs, and it feels like hardly a month passes before a hot new CBD oil brand launches.

Your dog deserves the very best when it comes to his health – but how do you choose the best CBD oil for your dog? Here are a few tips:

  • Always look for a lab report. The company’s website should have a lab report available for potential consumers to read. It should state that it’s tested by an independent lab, also known as third-party testing. The lab report might also be called a certificate of analysis.
  • Ensure it contains the right amount of CBD – and no THC. If the lab report says it contains less CBD than they claim it contains, be weary. You also want trace amounts of THC, or better yet, no THC at all.
  • Choose organic CBD products. Avoid CBD products that contain traces of pesticides. The best way to do this is to check the lab report and choose certified organic CBD oil.
  • Know what to avoid. Other than pesticides, there are a few things you should avoid. These include:
    • Essential oils (your dogs should never ingest essential oils, even if they’re totally “natural.”)
    • Chemical additives
    • Preservatives
    • Heavy metals
    • Mold
  • Check out their reviews and social media. While even the best CBD oil company will receive a few bad reviews, it’s still a good idea to see what other consumers say about their products. Take a look at their social media. Does the company reply to bad reviews? Do they offer to remedy the situation? This can tell you a lot about the integrity of the company.
  • Chat to your veterinarian. Your vet is the first port-of-call when it comes to anything relating to your pet’s health. This situation is no exception. If your vet is experienced when it comes to CBD, they should be able to recommend the best CBD products for your dog.

Finding the best CBD product for your dog might take a bit of research, but the time and effort is worth it. After all, your pet’s health is of the utmost importance.

which cbd oil for dogs Products Are Available?

If you’ve ever tried to browse for CBD products online, you’d probably have noticed that there is a wide range of CBD products that are created specifically for dogs. Different products suit different medical needs, and you can choose the product based on what’s available to you and what your dog needs.

CBD-infused treats and soft chews

CBD-infused treats and soft chews are fantastic for picky dogs. If your dog doesn’t like taking drops or capsules, he might prefer a tasty snack that happens to be infused with the goodness of CBD.

Treats and chews come in a range of different flavors. You can find healthy treats made with wholesome ingredients that suit your pet’s dietary needs. CBD treats are convenient because you can use them when training your dog, or to reward good behavior at the end of the day.

CBD topicals

CBD-infused topical treatments like balms, lotions, and creams are perfect for applying to rashes, skin conditions, or sore joints. These treatments are often made with ingredients like coconut oil, which is both safe and healthy for dogs as it’s moisturising and soothing.

Massage CBD balm into your dog’s injured legs or knees, or apply soothing CBD lotion onto his irritated skin.

CBD capsules

CBD capsules can be great for your dog if he takes capsules easily. Hide some in his food if he needs a little coaxing.

One of the benefits of CBD capsules is that there’s a set amount of CBD in each capsule. This means there’s no risk of dropping too much or too little CBD into your dog’s mouth or feed. If you have 2mg capsules and your dog needs 4mg of CBD, for example, you can simply give your dog two capsules.

CBD tinctures and oils

These are some of the most popular CBD products for dogs – and for a very good reason. CBD tinctures and oils are CBD-infused liquids that usually come in glass bottles with droppers attached to them. These droppers make it easier to measure and administer the liquid to your dog. Tinctures are usually alcohol-based, as opposed to oil.

It’s easy to customize the amount of CBD you give your dogs when using tinctures and oils. For example, there is 1mg of CBD in each drop and your dog needs 5mg of CBD, you can simply drop five drops into your dog’s mouth or add it to his food.

Is CBD oil with THC safe for dogs

In short, no. While there’s a lot we don’t know about medical cannabis and pets, we do know that consuming THC can cause your dog to become ill.

Some veterinarians claim that THC is therapeutic to dogs in extremely low doses, but most veterinarians suggest you avoid giving your dog THC altogether. Most of the scientific research suggests that dogs are very sensitive to THC.

In dogs, THC can produce side effects such as:

  • Loss of coordination and balance
  • Fatigue
  • Incontinence
  • Behavioral changes
  • Changes in appetite
  • Nausea and vomiting

The good news is that consuming THC is seldom fatal. However, if you think your pet consumed cannabis or THC products, please contact your vet immediately as they might need medical attention. Often, dogs who have consumed THC or marijuana recover within 12 to 24 hours, as it takes a while for the THC to work its way through your dog’s system.

It’s not only the health implications you should be concerned about. In many places around the world, THC and cannabis is illegal. Even in some of the places where cannabis is legal, the law sometimes specifies that THC and cannabis is only legal for human use.

So, if you want to give your dog CBD oil, choose a product that is free from THC. A THC-free CBD product is the healthier choice for your pets. In order to confirm whether or not the CBD product contains THC, ask the manufacturer or check their lab report. The lab report should confirm how much CBD there is in the product. A thorough lab report should also note whether it contains other cannabinoids, including THC.

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