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    Boxer Puppy Training Tips
    Training your Boxer puppy is extremely important, especially at a young age; you don’t want your dog ruining things around the house all the time. So, what do you do to train your dog properly?

    Start with this simple concept: Pay attention to the behaviors your puppy is exhibiting, and then react to them. Your reactions will tell your Boxer if what they are doing is good or bad.

    There are several training specific methods that you can adopt in your home, though. Here, we’re going to mention a few for you to choose from so that you can be prepared to train your puppy as soon as you get him or her.

    Respect Training

    Respect training is one of the most common training methods recommended for Boxer puppies. To start on this type of training, you’ll need to interact with your puppy in specific ways that signify you’re the one in charge. This may require you to be strict and stern with him or her, especially in the beginning, but it will pay off in time.

    If all goes well, your Boxer puppy will be listening to your commands in no time. If your dog does respect you, he or she will stop when you say “no.”

    Reward Training

    Reward training centers around positive reinforcement. For instance, if your puppy is responding well to your commands and keeping up with the training regime that you’ve set in place, it’s only appropriate to show praise to him or her. You can do this by rewarding the pup with a long walk, a visit to the dog park, or their favorite dog treat.

    On the other hand, if your boxer puppy is misbehaving, you should never punish him or her; instead, correct his or her actions.

    House Training

    House training requires a consistent schedule to get your dog on an appropriate bathroom schedule. If he or she goes to the bathroom outside, you should award praise; if he or she doesn’t make it out, say “no” and continue to bring the pup outside every half an hour until he or she goes to the bathroom. Do not punish your dog for going to the bathroom indoors.

    If you’re having difficulty with the task, try bringing your Boxer puppy outside to use the bathroom every time he or she wakes up from a nap. You can also try bringing him or her outdoors half an hour after they consume water.

    Socializing and communicating with your dog regularly is very important; quality time will help him or her understand what you like and dislike more. Once your Boxer puppy spends enough time with you, he or she will get the hang of the training methods you are trying to implement. Usually, a mixture of respect, reward, and house training will do the trick and get the job done.

    If you need additional help in this department, reach out to your local veterinarian to see what else you can do to train your Boxer puppy.

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