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French Bulldogs

CBD Oil for French Bulldog

Though French Bulldogs are assumed to originate from France, that’s not the truth; in fact, they’re originally from England.

Unfortunately, like almost all other types of Bulldogs, the Frenchie was bred mainly for the cruel sport known as bull baiting. Thankfully, the sport was banned near the end of the Industrial Revolution. Almost immediately after, they earned their reputation as adorable home pets.

Like all other types of Bulldogs, the Frenchie is affectionate, friendly, and adored by their family members. Many who breed the dogs tell owners to train their French Bulldogs at a young age, as they are extremely protective over their family and home. In addition, Frenchie’s need a lot of exercise to maintain a healthy weight, therefore they are encouraged to stay active.

Although French Bulldogs are awesome pets, they still have some unfortunate sicknesses and ailments. Let’s talk about those for a minute then get into possible solutions for some of the problems.

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Sicknesses/Ailments Found in Frenchie’s

Health problems occur often in this breed of dogs, specifically considering they are a purebred.

Some of the more common sicknesses/ailments are allergies, epilepsy, separation anxiety, and back problems.

The following is a list of other sicknesses/ailments your French Bulldog could one day face:

Arthritis: Frenchie’s will specifically experience arthritis in their hind legs, as they are so small and short. This typically happens in French Bulldogs that jump in and out of the car or up and down from the couch often.

Brachycephalic Syndrome: Dogs with short snouts and short heads, like the French Bulldog, often experience this syndrome. Because they have short nostrils, breathing problems associated with this syndrome are likely to occur.

Also, because Frenchie’s tend to have breathing problems, they are more apt to experience heat stress. It’s a good idea to keep yours indoors during the hot months.

Cleft Palate: French Bulldogs have flat faces, which leads them to sometimes form a cleft palate. This happens when the small tissue connecting the nose and mouth doesn’t form properly. Excessive sneezing and snorting typically occur.

Hemivertebrae: Some dogs may not experience any symptoms, but still others will. Frenchie’s who have this condition tend to deal with constant pain, stiffness, and sometimes even paralysis.

Intervertebral Disc Disease: Pain, weakness, and stiffness are the common symptoms of this disease, especially when the affected vertebral discs become herniated. These discs could start pushing on nerves, causing even more pain to your Frenchie.

Patellar Luxation: The patella and tibia, two bones present in the knee, are supposed to be properly in place; when a Frenchie has this ailment, those two bones are out of whack. This tends to cause the Frenchie’s knee to pop out of place, in turn resulting in a severe limp to get around.

How can CBD Help?

CBD can help two of the above conditions: Arthritis and allergies.
Arthritis: Though CBD can’t cure arthritis, it can help with the side effects of the disease. Why is that? That’s because CBD has natural anti-inflammatory properties in it! In fact, CBD is used to calm the endocannabinoid system, or the system known to produce pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, and dogs have these systems! Using CBD oil will calm those stiff and painful joints for your Frenchie.

Give it a few days, and your French Bulldog will be back in action, living life as a dog should.

Allergies: Basically, all you need to know about this solution is that CBD products, such as a balm or a spray, can be used to reduce the itchiness or rashes your Frenchie has been experiencing. On the other hand, CBD capsules or pills may help to reduce your Frenchie’s vomiting or diarrhea. CBD Dosage Chart For French Bulldog


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