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Great Dane

Great Dane

Great Danes may be one of the most massive dog breeds you’ve ever laid eyes on, but there’s no doubt in our minds that they are still kind and loving animals.

Here, we’re going to give you a little background on Great Danes and what health issues they go through in their lives. Then, we’ll tell you about a supplement known as CBD oil for dogs ; this natural medication will help your Great Dane through many hard times.

About Great Dane Dogs

Great Danes originally came from Germany, where they obtained their general title as a hunting dog. These majestic dogs came about back in the 14th century when Irish Wolfhounds, Mastiffs, and Greyhounds were brought together to form the breed. Though they were more aggressive when they originated, these characteristics were later bred out of the Great Dane to create a more loving and gentler breed of dog.

Great Dane Dog Health Issues

Great Danes are known to live a lifespan of 6 to 10 years, which means they start to have health issues earlier on in life. Some of the more common ailments are listed and briefly explained below:

  • Bloat: Bloat is the #1 cause of death in Great Danes. This condition occurs when the stomach fills up with air, gases, and food. Once the stomach has grown because of these three components, it then is susceptible to becoming twisted. If the stomach is not untwisted, blood supply can be cut off, resulting in death.
  • Bone Cancer: Larger breeds tend to develop bone cancer more frequently than smaller breeds. Specifically speaking, Great Danes are typically diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a fast-spreading disease.
  • Separation Anxiety: Great Danes have such loving personalities that they don’t understand why you leave them alone at home throughout the week. This anxiety will inadvertently cause him or her to become stressed, and he or she will likely unintentionally act out.

How Can CBD Oil Help My Great Dane Dog?

CBD oil has a ton of health benefits and giving it to your dog will increase his or her overall quality of life. Let’s go over how the oil can help the top three health issues in Great Danes.

  • Bloat: If your Great Dane has experienced bloat before, you’ve probably experienced panic, especially considering the condition can do as much as kill your beloved pup. If he or she commonly goes through bloat symptoms, start administering CBD oil, as this will speed up his or her metabolism, resulting in less bloat-like symptoms.
  • Bone Cancer: CBD oil is a natural anti-inflammatory medication that relieves pain voluntarily. To boot, CBD oil can limit the spread of cancer cells, giving your dog a more lively life.
  • Separation Anxiety: CBD oil does not contain THC, so it will not get your dog high. However, CBD oil does have calming properties in it, causing your dog to relax whenever the anxiety kicks in. If your Great Dane doesn’t like when you leave the house, give him or her a few drops of CBD oil to feel better.

Are Great Dane Dogs Having Success with CBD?

So far, dogs like Dalton and Callie are experiencing relief from their inflammation and pain-related symptoms.

Dalton is a 7-year-old Great Dane that often experiences symptoms of bloat. Now that he’s taking CBD oil every day, he has not experienced a bloat-like symptom in over eight months.

Callie is a 9-year-old Great Dane battling bone cancer. Though there is no cure for her due to the rapid spread of cancer, there is a treatment method to help her stay pain-free. Since she’s been taking CBD oil, she’s been running around the house a few times a day and cuddling up on the couch with her dog parents. When she was first diagnosed, she didn’t have the energy to even hop on the couch in the first place.

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