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  • Miniature American Shepherd

    Miniature American Shepherd

    Australian Shepherd dogs are one of the smartest dogs around, and we know and understand that you’re a proud owner of one.

    Here, we’re going to jot down some fun facts about the breed, and then we’ll dive into some of their health issues. Once we’ve completed that, we’ll tell you about the natural treatment method to adopt for your Miniature Australian Shepherd: CBD oil.

    About Miniature Australian Shepherd Dogs

    This cute, smart, and hard-working dog originated in the United States. When they were first bred, they started their working days by herding and guarding livestock on farms. Because of this, these dogs adopted the common traits known as loyal, alert, and smart. Actually, they’re one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs in the entire world.

    It’s true that these dogs are great guard dogs, as previously mentioned, but they also have calm tempers, making them an excellent choice for a family dog. Make sure you keep them active around the kids, that way the dog can get his or her much-needed exercise and you can go to bed early due to the kids being tired.

    Miniature Australian Shepherd Dog Health Issues

    Miniature Australian Shepherd dogs have a variety of health issues they may inherit or acquire over their lifetime. Some of the most common instances are listed below:

    • Allergies: When your Australian Shepherd is having problems with allergies, his or her body is fighting off the allergens by trying to break down the histamines; sometimes, your dog’s body needs help doing this. The most common allergy symptoms he or she will experience is extreme itching, which often results in inflammation of the skin.
    • Dysplasias: Dysplasia is common to all breeds, with Miniature Australian Shepherd’s not an exception. However, Elbow dysplasia is an ailment especially prone to these dogs, mainly due to how active they are.
    • Drug Sensitivities: Australian Shepherd’s are known to carry the MDR1 gene, making them sensitive to many prescription medications. Each case is different, meaning that each Australian Shepherd may experience different reactions

    How Can CBD Oil Help My Miniature Australian Shepherd Dog?

    CBD oil has been known in recent years to help dogs of all shapes and sizes with several different ailments. When it comes to the Miniature Australian Shepherd dog, CBD oil can help with the following health issues:

    • Allergies: As many of us know, allergies occur when your dog’s body has a negative response to a foreign substance. Usually, Australian Shepherd’s natural reaction would be extreme itching, which would lead to inflammation of the skin. Seeing as CBD oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, it will be able to aid in the calming of symptoms related to allergies.
    • Dysplasias: There are two main types of dysplasia: Elbow and hip. For Australian Shepherd’s, elbow dysplasia is more common. Generally speaking, a condition such as this sort of makes the body’s joints loosen, causing extreme pain. CBD oil can help ease the pain and aid in making your dog active once again.
    • Drug sensitivities: Prescription medications are made with man-made products, therefore, these medications cannot be considered natural. Often, Australian Shepherd’s have adverse reactions to such treatment plans. Instead, try giving your pup CBD oil, an all-natural method that will aid in his or her recovery.

    Are Miniature Australian Shepherd Dogs Having Success with CBD?

    The most common question that pet parents ask before administering CBD is, “Does it work?”

    Studies have proven time and time again that this anti-inflammatory and anti-steroid medication is perfect in almost any treatment plan you have. Not only can CBD oil help with the instances we’ve named above, but it can also help with the following:

    • Increase in metabolism/appetite
    • Decrease in pain
    • Aid in combat for arthritis, patellar luxation, eye problems, etc.
    • Subside symptoms of nausea/vomiting
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