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Rat Terrier

Rat Terrier

If you have a loving and playful breed of dog, like the Rat Terrier, you know that you’re a lucky dog owner. These tiny dogs are a bundle of joy for you and the family, and we all know that.

Here, we’re going to give Rat Terrier dogs the glory they deserve, by stating a few fun facts about them. Then, we’ll get into the not-so-great aspect of the breed: Their health issues. But don’t worry, as we’ll have your back in giving you information on an up and coming, all-natural supplement known as CBD oil.

About Rat Terrier Dogs

Ret Terrier’s originated in America, where Teddy Roosevelt supposedly coined the breed. These dogs are super compact, easy to bring anywhere and come with the smoothest of coats you ever did feel.

Though the Rat Terrier dogs can range in size, they typically do not grow past 25 lbs. Their general lifespan is approximately 12 to 18 years. These happy-go-lucky, playful pups are well worth having around, especially if you have young kids roaming around the house.

Rat Terrier Dog Health Issues

there are not many health issues associated with Rat Terrier.
the  two that are generally known for pet owners to watch out for:


Dysplasia is common in any breed of dog, especially in super active breeds. The Rat Terrier is very outgoing, playful, and hyper, making them an easy candidate for the disease. These small to medium dogs don’t usually exceed 25 lbs.
which means they are not usually associated with high pain levels when diagnosed with this ailment.
whereas larger breeds may be apt to experience more pain and inflammation.

Patellar Luxation

Patellar Luxation is an ailment associated with the kneecap, where the patella is dislocated from its original position in the body.
The sliding in and out of the patella causes an array of symptoms, including but not limited to pain, inflammation, and lack of mobility.

How Can CBD Oil Help My Rat Terrier Dog?

Though there are only two health issues specifically related to the Rat Terrier as of now, pet owners should still keep an eye out and seek treatment when they start to see signs and symptoms of dysplasia or patellar luxation in their dog.

If your pup has been diagnosed with dysplasia, purchase CBD oil and start administering it daily. You can do the same if your Rat Terrier has been diagnosed with patellar luxation. As both of these ailments produce an extreme amount of pain and inflammation, CBD oil can be administered regularly to ease their suffering.

Are Rat Terrier Dogs Having Success with CBD?

Because CBD oil and products are known to be anti-inflammatory supplements that aid in the reduction of pain and inflammation, they are safe to give Rat Terrier dogs facing related symptoms. With that being said, if your Rat Terrier has either dysplasia or patellar luxation, they are an active candidate to start partaking of CBD oil and products.

In recent years, many Rat Terrier’s and owner’s have come forward with testimonials on how they’ve faired with this new treatment method. According to them, they’ve seen an extreme change in their dog’s behavior and mobility. If you’re interested in learning more, head on over to other areas of our site to learn what other pet parent’s are saying about the products.

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