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Golden Retrievers

CBD Oil for Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are full of excitement, especially when it’s been a long day at home for them, and you walk through that door for the first time all day. These cute and fluffy pups are full of energy and love to be loved by you.
What’s the only bad thing about these beautiful dogs? Well, probably the fact that they have a few common ailments that they are prone to get throughout their lifetime. That’s okay, though, considering most of them have great treatments to reduce the symptoms brought on by such ailments.

Below, I’m going to briefly describe the best traits a Golden Retriever has, and then I’m going to go into brief detail about the illnesses that could potentially affect your Golden. Don’t worry just yet, though, as CBD oil comes to the rescue to make everything better.

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Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers were initially bred in Scotland by the one and only Sir Dudley Courts Marjoribank. This man raised his Retrievers to be good hunting dogs, with the ability to be loyal and obedient. He also raised them to be a good family dog, with the ability to be calm and well-tempered.
Today, Golden Retrievers are one of the best family dogs, and they’re great with children!

Common Ailments Golden Retrievers May Face

Some of the common conditions these pups may face through their lives are as follows:
Dysplasia: Golden Retrievers are known to face problems of hip and elbow dysplasia. Both conditions are known to cause great pain and inflammation in the surrounding joints and bones of the hip and elbow.
Ear Infections: Due to their big, floppy ears, and their love of water, they unfortunately have a high chance of developing an ear infection at some point in their lives. more on Ear infections
Epilepsy: Unfortunately, Golden Retrievers face this problem more often than other dogs do. The seizures can come in different varieties, but when they’re here, they’re not good.
Heart Disease: Scientific research has stated that almost 20% of Golden Retrievers will face a heart problem at one point or another. The heart disease varies.
Osteosarcoma: Osteosarcoma is a malignant bone cancer. It’s typically found in Golden Retrievers that are much older and much bigger than the usual dog.
Progressive Retinal Atrophy: This condition causes the retina of the eye to deteriorate over time, causing blindness at one point.
Separation Anxiety: Golden Retrievers are known to get attached to their family members early on. Because of this trait, Golden Retrievers are prone to feel anxious when they are not around their loved ones. If they are experiencing this, signs will consist of constant whining/barking when left alone.

How Can CBD Help Your Golden?

CBD oil can be used for your Golden Retriever for several instances of sickness. I’ll provide a few examples below.

Obesity Issues: It’s often common for larger dogs to have issues with their weight. This typically happens when the dog takes in more calories throughout the day than they burn. If your Golden isn’t as active as he/she could be, this problem may be affecting him/her.

If your Golden does have this problem, there are further issues that could affect him/her. Some of the following problems may arise:

  • Stress on Joints
  • Heart Problems Arising
  • Developing Diabetes Type II
  • Developing Respiratory Issues
  • Developing Some Types of Cancer

The best way to reduce obesity is to eat a healthy diet and remain active daily. However, there is an additional method that can help with your Golden Retrievers metabolism and weight problems, and that would be the use of CBD oil.
CBD oil has been scientifically proven to stimulate protein breakdown in the body, which in turn helps break down fat. It also aids in the growth and healthy formation of mitochondria, which in turn helps the body burn energy. In conclusion, CBD oil is helpful in maintaining a healthy weight for your pup.

Separation Anxiety: Golden Retrievers love their families so much that it’s extremely difficult for them to be away from their loved ones. And though their love for their family is a big reason their such a great dog, it can still lead to some behavior issues in the anxiety department.

Some signs of separation anxiety are as follows:

  • Whining/howling when you leave
  • Chewed up toys/shoes/furniture
  • Over-excitement when you come home – your pup may pee all over the floor in this instance
  • Digging holes in the yard
  • Trying to run away

If this sounds like your pup, go get some CBD oil to help them with their emotions. CBD oil has been proven to decrease stress and fear and improve overall mood in most dogs, specifically Golden Retrievers.

Here’s a testimonial and brand that one woman went with. CBD Dosage Chart For Golden Retriever


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