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Can too much CBD oil hurt my dog?

Can too much CBD oil hurt my dog

There’s one very important question that many pet parents ask themselves before administering CBD oil to their beloved dogs: How much CBD oil should I administer to my dog?

The answer to that question can vary, especially depending on the brand you choose to purchase. For instance, one brand of CBD dog treats could carry a higher dosage than a different brand of CBD oil; this means that telling you to administer the same dose within every brand is not a good idea.

Let’s start to answer this question; a quick overview of the answer will guide you on the right path to administering the correct dose of CBD oil.

How Do I Determine the Correct Dose?

CBD oil and products measure in milligrams for dosage requirements. Generally speaking, you should base the dosage off your dog’s weight, breed, age, and ailment. Keep in mind, some dogs do have sensitivities to CBD products, meaning you’ll have to give them a smaller dose.

Are CBD Products Safe to Give to My Dog?

The biggest concern most pet parents have regarding CBD products is whether they contain THC, a psychoactive ingredient known to come from marijuana plants. This concern should be pushed to the side, as CBD oil and products do not include the element THC, or at least they don’t to the point of being ‘high.’ This, in turn, ensures that the products are 100% safe for your dog to consume.

Are There Side Effects That Come with CBD Oil?

There are no severe side effects that can relate to CBD consumption. However, if your dog does take more than the average dose for his or her body, build, and ailment, minor side effects may occur. The most common is a lack of coordination until the substance absorbs throughout the body and diarrhea.

Remember, long term side effects do not occur if your dog consumes too much CBD oil. If an adverse reaction does occur, which rarely happens, contact your veterinarian for further guidance.

How Much CBD Is in a Treat or Oil Tincture?

If you’re trying to find out how much CBD is in a single drop of oil or a single treat, look on the back of the package. Guidelines and instructions will lead you to give an appropriate dosage to your dog. If you have further questions, contact the information desk of the company you purchased from.

What is the Recommended Dosage to Administer to My Dog?

Many factors play a role in determining how much of the CBD product to administer to your dog; however, weight is one of the more critical factors. Every brand usually has a recommended dosage on the back of the packaging; if there is not one, you should not trust the source. You may need to use a calculator or chart for conversion math.

All in all, CBD is perfectly safe to administer to your dog. Dosage should always relate to weight, breed, size, and ailment. Most companies have a recommended dosage, but if there is not one present, you should probably not purchase the product. For any additional help, reach out to the brand’s representatives or your local veterinarian.

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