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CBD Peanut Butter For Dogs

CBD Peanut Butter For Dogs

First things first, does your dog absolutely love peanut butter? Does he or she come running the second they hear that lid pop up off the container? It’s a tasty treat, and it’s justified that they would want to indulge in the highly beneficial protein with you.

That leads us to the next question, does your dog suffer from anxiety, inflammation, stomach issues, chronic pain, or seizures? If he or she does, you’ve probably done your research to find the best ways to help them combat their medical problems. While conducting your research, you likely came across CBD oil as a popular option, and you might have even given it a try with your beloved pup.

Well, what if I told you there’s a phenomenal product on the market that combines CBD oil with peanut butter to produce CBD infused peanut butter?  There is, and you’re going to hear all about it right here.

First, let’s talk about some of the benefits both peanut butter and CBD oil have in store for your dog. Then, we’ll head on over to the reasons you should choose peanut butter infused CBD over other CBD products. Let’s get started!

What Health Benefits Do Peanut Butter and CBD Oil Offer Your Dog Separately?

Peanut butter is naturally loaded with protein and healthy fats. It’s also rich in necessary vitamins and minerals.

On the other hand, CBD oil and products can help with symptoms related to pain, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, seizures, and much more. The products do this by activating the endocannabinoid system. Once the system is activated, it can reduce inflammation, manage pain, stabilize metabolism, increase appetite, and help with a numerous amounts of other health issues.

What do the two offer when combined? Well, a tasty natural medication, of course.

Why Peanut Butter Infused CBD Over CBD Oils & Other Products?

Sometimes, the taste of CBD oil and CBD capsules is too much for your dog to handle; some dogs absolutely hate the taste of it! If they dread taking the supplement, they’ll try to swallow it almost immediately. You’re probably thinking, “what’s wrong with that?” What’s wrong is that it won’t hit the tongue, which means it won’t hit the salivary glands, which means it will take longer to get into your dog’s system.

Generally speaking, oral CBD products are slowly released into the body. On the other hand, products like CBD treats and CBD peanut butter are administrated sublingually, requiring the dog to chew and swallow the product. If the CBD treat or CBD peanut butter is taken into the body through the salivary glands, the beneficial effects will take less time to kick in. It also helps that the CBD infused peanut butter is extremely tasty for your dog with almost no hemp taste present at all.

CBD infused peanut butter is gaining popularity by the day, and dog owners trust the peanut buttery treats more and more to help their dogs with particular ailments. It’s your turn to get in on the fun!

Remember, administration of the CBD infused product will depend on the symptoms your dog is facing, so it’s best to check in with your vet or a CBD professional before giving it to him or her. One thing we can guarantee is that your dog will love the peanut butter so much; drooling may not take too long to kick in!

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