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Chia seeds for dogs

Chia seeds for dogs

Chia has been known as the forgotten crop for quite some time now; however, its nutritional value should weigh it in with more importance.

These seeds originate from southern Mexico and Central America, where it was initially treated as a superfood in both Aztec and Mayan food; in fact, the two groups would use the food as trade currency sometimes. The endurance and energy that chia seeds bring to human and animal bodies is fantastic, hence why it was considered such an important crop.

As the years went on, the glory was brought to the crop chia when the Aztecs and Mayans named it a holy seed. It then provided a sense of importance when incorporated into religious events and ceremonies.

What Elements Are In Chia Seeds?

Well, there are many beneficial elements present inside each little chi seed. The following are the most popular ingredients:

–    Omega-3 fatty acids
–    Fiber
–    Much more

Each element will have a description listed briefly below.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are great at increasing your dog’s energy levels and increasing his or her endurance throughout the day. Because chia seeds have omega-3 fatty acids inside of them, they can promote health:

–    Cells
–    Immune System
–    Skin
–    Coat
–    Joints
–    Brain Development
–    Eye Development
–    Growth

And, this element can help reduce inflammation, too. In fact, two tablespoons of chia seeds provide the body with an enormous amount of these fatty acids, along with omega-6 fatty acids, too.


If your dog is having trouble going to the bathroom, chia seeds may help him or her gain more regular bowel movements. Not only will chia seeds help regulate stools, but they will also help with weight loss and generate regularity.

If you eat one hundred grams of chia seeds per day, you’ll be taking in thirty-four grams of fiber; the same goes for your pup.

What Else Do Chia Seeds Help With?

When your dog consumes chia seeds on regularly, he or she will acquire stable blood sugar levels. In turn, stable blood sugar levels will generate high levels of energy naturally. Once this happens, the chia seeds will be able to support normal insulin production and build up a healthy glucose tolerance.

To add, chia seeds will slow down digestion, allowing your dog’s body to absorb the nutrients that his or her body needs slowly.

Keep in mind that the chia seeds absorb a lot of the nutrients and liquids in your dog’s body rather quickly; because of this, you should always have a full bowl of water readily available.

Is There More?

Yes, there’s always more to come with these great superfoods.

Chia seeds have an insane amount of calcium present inside them. In fact, chia seeds contain more calcium than milk does. The small crops also contain more iron than spinach does and more magnesium than broccoli does. Overall, these little seeds are a perfect choice to give your dog when it comes to supplementation.

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