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co2 extraction cbd for dogs

co2 extraction cbd for dogs
Before we get into the details of the CO2 extraction method, we should problem give you a rundown of CBD oil.

CBD oil is one of the active ingredients found in cannabis. Unlike THC, CBD does not have psychoactive properties, yet it does still have several health benefits inside. Some of those health benefits include relief from cancer symptoms, reduction in inflammation, and help with mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression.

So, how does get to, or make, the CBD oil?

Through the CBD CO2 extraction process.

CO2 Extraction Method

First things first: You can only use cannabis and hemp plants for the extraction process.

Next, you’ll have to make sure the plant selected has a high CBD concentration and a low THC concentration.

Finally, you’ll have to start your extraction.

CO2 extraction uses pressurized carbon dioxide to pull CBD out of the plant. If the CO2 is at the perfect temperature and pressure, it will get the job done with no dangerous after effects. The process is safe and effective, but it does involve costly equipment.

What Happens During Extraction Processes?

As you now know, the equipment people use to extract the CBD from the plant is extremely expensive. Why? Probably because the machines have to go through a lengthy process to freeze the CO2.

Generally speaking, carbon dioxide is a gas when it’s at standard temperature and pressure; however, it can be changed to a solid with the right temperature and pressure, too. When carbon dioxide is solid, we reference it as ‘dry ice.’ To turn the gas into a liquid and then into a solid, CBD extractors will start by dropping the temperature to -69 degrees Fahrenheit while increasing the pressure to over 75 pounds per square inch. This is their starting point.

Then, you’ll take the liquid CO2 and raise the pressure even more using a compressor. The temperature will then be raised using a heater. Once all steps are complete, the extractors will pass the carbon dioxide through the cannabis to pull out the necessary components.

What Happens After Extraction is Complete?

Once the necessary components are out of the plant, the CO2 has no further use for that particular extraction. The carbon dioxide and essential components then go through a separator, to which the CO2 goes through a condenser and is made a liquid again, and the components are passed on to make CBD oil. The CO2 can be useful for future extractions, too.

The carbon dioxide CBD extraction method is the most common process that extractors use in their endeavors. There are other methods to consider, such as the dry ice extraction method and the olive oil extraction method, but those are not as widely known.

CBD companies are not secretive when it comes to the method they choose. If their selection is not present on their website, you can call them directly, and they’ll be sure to answer any questions concerning extraction methods.

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