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Dog Euthanizing

dog euthanasia

Deciding to euthanize your dog can be one of the most emotional and difficult decisions of your life, especially if he or she holds a very important place in your family.

Here, we’re going to talk a bit about euthanasia so that you will know if it’s the right time to follow through with the procedure. Remember, don’t hold on to your beloved pet just because you’re going to miss him or her a lot; instead, always think of your doggy family member first in these situations.

What Happens During Euthanasia?

The process starts with one shot and ends with one shot. The first of the two is always a sedative to calm the dog’s muscles and body. The sedative begins to work immediately, causing your dog to drift off into sleep over approximately ten minutes. When, and only when the family says they are ready, will the veterinarian administer the second shot. The most common medication that your vet will administer at this time is called Phenobarbital; this drug will slowly stop your dog’s heart, without him or her knowing.

There are two ways this process can happen:

  1. Intravenously- If you and your vet decide to take the intravenous route, your dog’s heart will slow in a matter of seconds.
  2. Abdominally- If you and your vet decide to take the abdominal route, your dog’s heart will slow within approximately fifteen minutes. Veterinarian’s tell dog parents that this method is more gentle and slow; however, it is more emotional and painful for the family to endure.

Your dog will not feel whatever procedure you choose. The only discomfort he or she may feel will be at the beginning, when the first needle punctures the skin.

How Do You Know If It’s The Right Time?

Almost all vets can agree with this statement: There is never a “right” time to follow through with this procedure. However, there is a “better” time, a time where you’ll want to relieve the pain your furry friend is dealing with.

When making the decision, you’ll want to take into account all of the following:

–    Your dog’s quality of life
–    The disease your dog is suffering from
–    How the disease may progress
–    The emotional trauma you’re willing to endure seeing your dog in pain

Always keep in mind, that if your dog is suffering from a disease that can potentially lead to a painful death, you’ll want to weigh your euthanasia option heavily. Be aware that your dog will most likely not tell you when he or she is ready not to be here anymore; in fact, it’s likely that they’ll try and hide the pain that they are in to comfort you and your family. Pay close attention and make sure you make your decision at the “better” time.

If you have any additional questions on the process or the “better” time to decide, reach out to your veterinarian. Sit down and have a thorough conversation before moving forward.

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