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  • Dog Pooping Blood

    Dog Pooping Blood

    Finding blood in your dog’s stool is worrisome, especially considering there are dozens of reasons as to why it could be happening. Some reasons may be more severe than others, but that doesn’t make them any less stressful.

    What Steps Should You Take To Help Your Dog?

    The very first thing you should do if you find blood in your dog’s stool is call your veterinarian; this goes for any type of blood in the stool, ranging from formed stool to loose stool with blood.

    Keep in mind, dogs cannot tell you if they’re not feeling well. So, if you find blood in their stool, it’s a clear sign that something is medically wrong with your beloved furry friend.

    Instead of calling your veterinarian and telling him or her that your dog has blood in their stool, try to muster up as many details as possible; this will save your veterinarian time during the diagnosing process.

    There Are Two Types of Blood That Can Be In the Stool

    The two types of blood that can be in the stool are known as hematochezia and melena. Both are listed below with brief descriptions.

    Hematochezia: This is bright red blood. If your dog has bright red blood in his or her stools that means that the bleeding is happening in the lower digestive tract or colon. Bright red blood will indicate that a set of specific conditions could be affecting your dog.

    Melena: This is dark red blood. This form of blood can also be sticky, tarry, and jelly-like. If your dog has this dark red blood in his or her stools, it’s likely that he or she was swallowing something that they shouldn’t have been. This type of blood will indicate that there is a problem in the upper digestive tract. It can be hard to tell if there is melena in the stool; veterinarians suggest taking some of the stool and wiping it on a paper towel to determine if it’s present in the stools.

    If My Dog Has Hematochezia, What Could Be Wrong?

    Bright red blood may be alarming to your eyes, but don’t worry too much, as this type of blood is not life-threatening.

    If you notice only a little bit of bright red blood in the stool, it may be a fluke. Pay close attention to see if it starts reoccurring. Calling your veterinarian is always a good idea, though.

    If the bleeding is constant, or if the bleeding starts to happen more and more, this may be an indication of a more severe problem. Some diseases associated with bright red blood are as follows:

    –    Colitis
    –    Parasites
    –    Trauma
    –    Toxins
    –    Anal Infections

    If My Dog Has Melena, What Could Be Wrong?

    These dark and tarry stools may be difficult to notice blood in. Diet and other factors may play a part in the color of the stools. But remember, you know your dog’s poop; so, if he or she is going to the bathroom and the stools are an extremely different color and appearance, you’ll want to reach out to your veterinarian.

    Diseases associated with these bloody stools are as follows:

    –    Parasites
    –    Infections
    –    Tumors
    –    Ulcers
    –    Kidney Failure
    –    Liver Disease
    –    Pancreatitis
    –    Clotting Disorders

    Whenever you are doubting the situation, always pick up the phone and call your veterinarian. It’s best that you keep your dog safe from unwanted diseases and circumstances.

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