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Dog Throwing Up Blood

dog throwing up blood

For starters, there are several reasons as to why your dog could potentially be throwing up blood. Whatever the case may be, we should warn you that you will worry; but that’s normal.

Head on over to your vet’s office and figure out the cause.
The sooner, the better, so that your dog will heal faster.

For now, we’ll provide a little bit of necessary information to help you understand what could be going on with your dog.

What is Hematemesis?

Hematemesis is the medical term for your dog vomiting blood. Some of the possible reasons behind this occurring are as follows:

–    Disruption in the esophagus
–    Irritation in the intestines
–    Ingestion of a foreign object

No matter the reason, hematemesis can affect several areas of the body, including but not limited to the mouth, lungs, stomach, intestines, esophagus, and other organs. Most of the time, the gastrointestinal system suffers from hematemesis; however, there are certain times where the cardiovascular system may suffer, especially when hemorrhaging occurs.

What are the Symptoms for Hematemesis?

Obviously, the most popular symptom of hematemesis is the vomiting of blood. However, there’s one little factor that all pet parents may not know: The blood can show up in different forms. All of the following are examples:

–    Fresh blood
–    Digested blood – e.g., coffee ground presence
–    Formed clots

Additional symptoms that may accompany hematemesis are as follows:

–    Lack of appetite
–    Stomach pain
–    Black, tarry stools
–    Anemia
–    Rapid heart rate
–    Heart murmur
–    Muscle weakness

Are there Other Causes for Hematemesis?

There are literally countless reasons as to why your dog is vomiting blood, some of which are present above. Your veterinarian is the only one that can actually classify the reasoning behind the bloody vomit, but if you pay attention to our list of reasons below, you may be able to narrow down the cause by yourself.

Always pay attention to the color of the vomit and blood (whether it’s fresh, digested, or formed, for example). Paying attention to the color of the vomit and blood can help determine the cause of the problem. Telling your veterinarian this information is crucial, as it will help diagnose how long the bleeding has been going on as well as where it is coming from.

Some of the common reasons are as follows:

–    Chewing on bones
–    Consuming foreign objects
–    Getting a hold of antifreeze
–    Stomach ulcer diagnosis
–    Bacterial infections
–    Food allergies
–    Parasites
–    Cancer
–    Other more detailed health issues

What if My Dog is Throwing Up, But Not Blood?

There is a chance that your dog will vomit without blood present. If this is the case, it’s likely that he or she is either eating food or drinking water too fast. The vomit will either be clear or a regurgitation of the food source he or she is eating.

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