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    fish oil for dogs
    Many dog parents continuously ask the question ‘what is good for my dog?’ They strive to give their beloved furry friends everything they could possibly need, especially nutritionally.

    With that being said, many dog parents like to feed their pups supplements to ensure they have the right amount of nutrients running through their bodies. This leads to the question of ‘what nutrients are good for my dog to take?’

    Even though there are several supplements on the market that your dog can take, we’re only going to talk about one, in particular, today: Fish oil.

    Let’s get ready to learn the ins and outs of this beneficial nutrient!

    What are Some Health Benefits that Relate to Fish Oil?

    If your dog takes fish oil regularly, he or she will start to live a healthier lifestyle. The following is a list of popular benefits you may begin to see in your dog’s health:

    –    Healthy skin
    –    Shiny coat
    –    Increased energy
    –    Stronger immune system
    –    Reduction in shedding
    –    Moisturized skin
    –    Increase in appetite

    Even still, fish oil can significantly affect other areas of life, too. If you start to give your dog the supplement for a lengthy period, you’ll begin to see the following occur:

    –    Reduction in discomfort
    –    Reduction in allergies and dry skin
    –    Protection against autoimmune diseases
    –    Less stroke and heart-related problems
    –    Keeping blood triglycerides healthy
    –    Beneficial antioxidant properties
    –    Reduction in inflammation

    Some commonly asked questions are listed below for those of you that need that extra push:

    I’ve been giving my dog fish oil, and have not seen improvement. Why?

    Dogs can take the supplement daily and not see results, this is possible. However, you need to check in with your vet to see if you’re giving your dog the right dosage of fish oil before you start to worry. It’s common that dogs do not get their recommended dosage, and that’s why the improvement is not visible.

    How long does fish oil take to work?

    First, you and your veterinarian should discuss and decide the proper dosage. Then, you should start to see a change in your dog’s quality of life after approximately three weeks of supplementation; that means you’ll have to give him or her fish oil every day for three weeks straight.

    After three weeks, the following should improve:

    –    Itchy skin
    –    Upset stomach/lack of appetite
    –    Anxiety
    –    Mobility

    If improvement does not take place, check in with your vet to see if doubling the dosage will help.

    Can I feed my dog the same fish oil I take?

    Yes and no. Yes, to dogs that is smaller because they do not need such a high dose. No,   to dogs that is larger, because they’ll need several human fish oil capsules to get the correct dose. Instead, purchase extra strength fish oil for the larger dogs, and check in with your veterinarian on where to buy them if necessary.

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