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Glucosamine Sulfate for Dogs

Glucosamine Sulfate for Dogs

Arthritis is a condition that none of us dog parents want to see our beloved animals go through; it’s just no fun. That’s why many vets prescribe and suggest glucosamine sulfate.

Glucosamine sulfate is usually naturally produced by your dog’s body. Glucosamine sulfate is a substance found in the body that helps form the cartilage of your dog’s joints. However, as your dog gets older, he or she will produce less of the substance. When there is a limited amount of glucosamine sulfate within the body, your dog’s joints will stiffen up and lose their ability to function normally. That’s when it’s time to talk to your vet about the supplement version of the substance.

What Does Glucosamine Sulfate Do For Your Dog?

Once the supplement is prescribed by your veterinarian and your dog starts taking it, you’ll notice a difference in a short period.

Glucosamine sulfate has anti-inflammatory properties, allowing it to ease most of the pain and discomfort associated with joint diseases like arthritis. Not only can glucosamine sulfate help improve mobility and range of motion, but it can also slow down the aging and degeneration of your dog’s joints.

Can Glucosamine Sulfate Help Other Areas of the Body Besides Joints?

Though glucosamine sulfate has an excellent reputation at helping the joints throughout the body, that’s not the only benefit it can have on your dog’s body. Glucosamine sulfate is also known for helping stabilize and promote gut health. Not only will this type of glucosamine sulfate help reduce inflammation throughout the digestive tract, it will also take away symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome. For more details on this specific form of glucosamine sulfate, check in with your veterinarian.

Are There Other Ways My Dog Can Take Glucosamine Sulfate?

If you’re looking for a more natural form of glucosamine sulfate, you’ve come to the right place. Your dog can eat or chew on these supplement replacements instead:

Beef Trachea: Trachea’s are made up of cartilage, with a substantial supply of glucosamine sulfate inside. The beef trachea is the easiest to find, but some manufacturers carry lamb, goat, or ostrich trachea.

Chicken Feet: Chicken feet have natural glucosamine sulfate. These food sources can be mixed in with your dog’s daily meals, or it can be given to your pup as a snack. Duck and turkey feet work just as well.

Pig Tails: Animal tails are primarily made up of cartilage, but they do have the added bonus of a few slivers of meat. Instead of taking a supplement every day, give your dog a pigtail; it has the same amount of glucosamine sulfate in it as a supplement would.

There are many other options, including but not limited to, beef knuckle bones, shellfish shells, green lipped mussels, and homemade bone broth. If you have any additional questions, reach out to your vet for guidance.

Luckily, there is a natural way to help your dog if he or she is experiencing joint related issues. Supplements are not always the worst alternative, but feeding your dog healthy bones always gets the job done more effectively.

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