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Here’s what we don’t yet know about CBD oil for dogs

Here’s what we don’t yet know about CBD oil for dogs

In recent years, scientific research has told us that CBD is a natural, safe, effective treatment for many ailments. For example, we know it can treat epilepsy, atopic dermatitis, and pain.

However, there’s a lot we still don’t know about CBD oil for dogs. Here’s what scientists are still exploring.

  1. Can CBD improve your dog’s mood?

Many people believe CBD can treat anxiety in dogs. A recent survey of US veterinarians showed that many veterinarians find CBD to be an effective treatment for canine anxiety. Plenty of people treat their dogs’ anxiety with CBD, especially when dogs struggle with separation anxiety, phobias, and overcoming trauma.

Here’s the thing: there aren’t really any clinical studies that actually show that CBD treats anxiety in dogs.

There’s even less evidence on whether CBD can improve depression in dogs – and in humans, for that matter.

However, since CBD is giving so many people hope when it comes to treating mood disorders in dogs, it’s surely only a matter of time before we have some solid evidence to confirm what many people already suspect.

  1. Can CBD oil treat allergies in dogs?

According to a clinical study, CBD oil can soothe atopic dermatitis in dogs. Atopic dermatitis is an inflammatory skin condition that occurs when you have an allergic reaction to something. Part of the reason why it does this, scientists guess, is because CBD is an anti-inflammatory that reduces the swelling associated with allergies.

But we don’t know if CBD can treat dog allergies that take other forms. For example, we don’t know if CBD can treat the sneezing and sinus issues that are associated with hayfever.

Hay fever is suprisingly common in dogs, and while there are antihistamines for dogs, medication like Benadryl has side-effects. Further research will tell us whether CBD can help.

  1. Can CBD oil treat cancer?

Many humans claim CBD helped them fight cancer, and many dog owners do believe CBD has cured their dog’s cancer.

So far, the limited studies on CBD show that it might have a cancer-fighting effect. In some studies, CBD seems to reduce the growth of cancerous cells – and even kill cancer cells.

However, there’s a difference between what happens in a petri dish or a mouse and what happens in a human or dog. Scientists are yet to test the effects of CBD on dogs with cancer. For now, many dog owners use it for their furry pets anyway, since it is a safe and natural treatment. Some use CBD along with traditional cancer-fighting medication.

Now that cannabis is becoming legal in more places around the world, more universities and research institutions will be able to study CBD. In the near future, we’ll definitely learn more about how this versatile drug can help our four-legged friends.

Interested in harnessing the power of CBD to help your dog? Be sure to use our CBD dosage chart to figure out how much CBD to give your pup. Be sure to speak to your vet before using CBD on your pet.

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