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Can CBD Oil be used as a Sleeping Aid for my Dog?

dog Sleeping Aid treatment with cbd oil

The word on the street is not a rumor, it’s the truth:
CBD oil can help with sleep.
I know what’s going through your mind, and it probably has something to do with CBD oil getting your dog high. Well, that’s false. CBD is the part of marijuana that actually relaxes the body, it’s THC that gets humans and pets high.

With that being said, you can put that thought to rest. Now onto the better part of this article: Sleep & CBD.
Read on to find out how CBD oils and alike products can help your pet if they’re a restless sleeper.

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Can CBD help your dog sleep?

CBD relaxes the body, as I’ve previously stated. And what better way to go to sleep than in a relaxed state of mind? Basically, what I’m trying to say is that CBD oil can definitely help your dog sleep.

Will it work on all breeds of dogs?

As every breed is different, I cannot say wholeheartedly that CBD will bring every dog to sleep. However, I can tell you that CBD is known for its relaxing properties. With that being said, I think it’s safe to say it may depend on your dog’s personality. For instance, if your dog is super hyper and you’d like to get him to calm down a little bit, I’m positive the CBD products can do that for you. Will it bring him or her to sleep entirely? It may not, but at least it will get you half way there.
On the other hand, if your dog is already a relaxed pup and he or she just needs a little extra nudge to fall asleep at night, the CBD oil would do the trick in as little as half an hour, so to speak.
I think the takeaway from this is that yes, CBD oil can help your dog with sleep without a doubt. It may not get the job done right away, but at least it will kick-start the process.

How does the dosage go for using CBD as a sleep aid?

The dosage will always vary, but I would suggest speaking to your vet and/or the company you buy the product from. Specifically speaking, the dosage requirements will range depending on the breed and the weight of the dog.
In my personal opinion, I would start with a small dosage at first. The typical dosage is 2 to 4 drops for any given dog, but I would say start with the 2 drops. If he or she isn’t responding to it as well as you’d thought they would, increase the dose, but do not exceed the daily allotted amount.

In addition to helping with sleep and relaxation, CBD oil will help your dog with his mobility. Any inflammation or pain within the body will be taken care of, too. Basically, it’s a win all situation and your pup will thank you not only for helping him/her with their awful sleeping habits but also for a lot of other beneficial aspects.


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