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Can Dogs Have Autism? and Can CBD Help?

dog Autism

Veterinarians have been talking about the prospect of dogs having autism-like symptoms dating back to 1966. As recent as 2015, researchers have stated that there is a possibility that dogs who regularly chase their tails may have autism. Tail chasing is more prevalent in male dogs that experience episodic behavior and trancelike behavior.
Keep in mind, that tail chasing does not have a definite link to dog-like autism, but it is a likely chance that the two are related.

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Diagnosing Dogs with Autism

Until more research is done, there cannot be a definite stance on whether dogs can be diagnosed with autism. What’s more is that other hard-to-diagnose health conditions may resemble that of autism, like anxiety disorders and pain conditions. For now, veterinarians and animal professionals alike are stating that dogs MIGHT have autism, but there is no research to prove that it’s an actual medical condition that is diagnosable in dogs.

If a dog is blatantly showing signs of autism, he or she may Experience :

  • extreme repetitive behavior
  • impaired ability to be in social situations with people or other dogs
  • challenges when in a new situation

Can CBD help?

CBD oil and similar products have been known to help dogs with a variety of health concerns including but not limited to anxiety-related issues, pain, inflammation, seizures, and cancer. With that being said, veterinarians and professionals alike are unable to state that CBD products can cure autism, but it is likely that the solutions can help the situation out.

As stated above, if dogs have autism, they are likely to exhibit signs of repetitive behavior, awkward social interactions, and challenges in new situations; CBD products have been known to help relax dogs in such circumstances. If these signs and symptoms are put to rest, your dog will be able to have a normal, healthy life, therefore getting rid of the unwanted issues related to autism.

Further Concerns

If you’re worried about giving your dog CBD for the first time, don’t be. We understand that giving your pup a substance you’re not familiar with may be a little scary at first, but rest assured that CBD has come a long way in recent years.

If you’re hesitant, do your research. Most dog CBD companies are clinically third-party tested and made with all natural ingredients. Certificates and documents proving such information is typically present on their websites.

Roam around our site for a little while, and you’ll see the best of the best for dog CBD products. When in doubt, always double check with your veterinarian to get a second opinion. And, if it’s your dogs first time partaking of the substance or treats, always give him or her a little bit at a time to see their reaction. Reactions hardly ever occur, so keep that in mind and try your best not to worry when trying this new medicinal treatment.


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