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  • CBD Oil For Dog Brain Tumors

    CBD Oil For Dog Brain Tumors
    No dog parent in the world wants to hear their beloved pet has a brain tumor. However, just in case that day comes, we want you to prepare yourselves.
    Here, we’re going to discuss what a brain tumor is. Then, we’ll move on and tell you some of the causes and treatment methods you can use to help your dog fight through this hard time.

    What is a Brain Tumor?

    Tumors are generally known as an abnormal growth of cells. There are two types of tumors associated with the brain: Primary and secondary.
    Primary brain tumors originate from cells already found in the brain. Secondary brain tumors result when cancer from other areas of the body spreads to the brain.
    Dogs that are five years of age and older are more susceptible to this condition. As with all ailments, certain breeds that are more likely to have this condition than others.

    What Causes a Brain Tumor?

    No specific cause that starts the development of a brain tumor. However, there are certain theories as to what could potentially trigger its formation. Those theories are as follows:

    • Daily Diet
    • Environmental Issues
    • Genetics
    • Chemical Atmosphere
    • Immune System Responses

    Trying to prevent a brain tumor from forming may be difficult. Always try your best as a dog parent to give your beloved furry friend a proper diet. Then, try to limit his or her exposure to certain chemicals and environmental factors.

    Traditional Brain Tumor Treatment

    Brain tumors have several types of treatment, as with many types of cancer. The most common are as follows:

    • Chemotherapy
    • Radiation
    • Surgery

    All three methods have one goal: To shrink the tumor. The treatment methods do plan to inadvertently reduce unwanted side effects related to the tumor, too.

    When choosing surgery, partial or complete removal of the tumor may occur. Chemotherapy and radiation will likely shrink the tumor. Chemotherapy and radiation are also used after surgery to ensure that the body is tumor-free.

    Though oral medications do not get rid of the tumors, they do help manage side effects of the tumors. For instance, if your dog is experiencing seizures, the veterinarian may prescribe an oral medication to reduce epileptic episodes.

    Can CBD Help Treat a Brain Tumor?

    Instead of using oral medications to combat unwanted side effects, your veterinarian may prescribe CBD oil for dogs.

    Oral medications have many adverse reactions, and every dog can experience a different reaction to the drugs. CBD oil is safer to administer to your dog when he or she is going through the pain and discomfort already. Plus, the last thing your pup needs is to deal with additional problems oral medications may bring on.

    CBD Dosage for Dogs with Brain Tumors

    CBD dosage is tricky, especially considering the amount to administer will vary from dog to dog. Talk to your veterinarian to determine a firmer dosage for your dog. Remember, size, weight, breed, and condition all play a part in the correct CBD treatment.

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