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CBD Oil for Dog Itching

CBD Oil for Dog Itching

Dog itching is a broad term, especially considering your dog could be scratching for various reasons.

Here, we’re going to mention two of the most common reasons dogs itch. Then, we’ll get into the traditional and modern treatment methods you can use the next time your dog starts exhibiting signs and symptoms of itchiness.

What is Dog Itching? What are the Causes of Dog Itching?

Dog itching is your dog’s response to an unwanted invader. This invader could be a parasite, allergen, environmental factor, cleaning product, etc. Typically, your dog will start to itch slowly; as time goes on, the pace will pick up, and your dog could end up hurting themselves.

There is one of two main reasons your dog could be itching themselves:
1. Parasites
2. Allergies

Parasites: You should conduct a basic routine check over every time your dog has come inside from certain areas. For instance, if your furry friend has been playing around outside in high grass, a check over should be conducted.

During this check over, you should beware of ticks and fleas. Keep an eye out for any bite marks and resolve the problem as fast as you can to avoid itching in the near future.

If your dog has not gotten his or her flea shot yet, head on over to the vet as soon as possible; remember, if these parasites are left untreated, mites may form on the skin.

Allergies: A long list of allergens can also cause itchy skin. Some items on the list include:

  • Grass
  • Pollen
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Dust
  • Perfumes
  • Cleaning Products

It may not be easy to distinguish what your dog is allergic to. If this is the case, you may have to head to your veterinarian’s office and set up allergy testing. If allergies are left untreated, your dog could start itching too much to where they start bleeding.

in case  it’s not parasites or allergies that are bothering your pup, it could be something altogether different. Some of the following reasons may be affecting your dog and causing him or her to itch:

  • Weather Conditions: The colder the weather, the dryer the air. No moisture in the atmosphere leads to dry skin; this can inadvertently cause itching.
  • Yeast Infection: As with humans, dogs are apt to develop a yeast infection, especially if they don’t have good hygiene. These infections can smell quite bad, and they can contribute to itchiness.

Traditional Dog Itching Treatment

If your dog is itching due to parasite infection, you’ll have to visit the vet and get a prescription medication; there’s no way around it.

However, if your dog is itching due to other allergens, you may be able to administer an over-the-counter antihistamine or CBD products. If you speak with your veterinarian, he or she will be able to distinguish what the best course of action will be.

Can CBD Help Treat Dog Itching?

CBD oil and products are known as all-natural, anti-inflammatory supplements. Typically, if your dog is suffering from dog itching, his or her skin will be irritated. That irritation will provoke your furry friend into thinking its okay to scratch their skin constantly. The continuous scratching will then lead to inflammation of the skin, and that’s where CBD comes in.

CBD oil will indeed be able to decrease your dog’s discomfort. You may need to start at a higher dose and wean your dog off the oil once the itching is gone. This will ensure that the symptoms do not come back. Check in with your veterinarian if you have further questions.

CBD Dosage for Dog Itching

All CBD products have a recommended daily dosage chart on their packaging. However, speaking with your veterinarian will always help determine a more firm dosage.

Keep in mind; you need to consider your dog’s weight, size, breed, and condition before administering the correct dosage of CBD oil. The extent of the itchiness will determine the amount you should be giving your beloved pup.

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