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  • CBD Oil For Dog Lymphoma

     CBD Oil For Dog Lymphoma
    Lymphoma is one of the most common cancers found in dogs and people, which means you probably know a thing or two about the condition.

    Either way, we’re going to talk a little bit about dreaded cancer. Then, we’ll get into what causes the disease and what you can do to help your dog combat its symptoms.

    What is Lymphoma?

    Lymphoma can be found anywhere throughout the body, but it tends to target areas where white blood cell production is high in concentration. Such areas consist of the lymph nodes, spleen, and inside the bone marrow.

    Lymphoma is only a blanket term associated with cancers that affect the white blood cells. There are several different types of lymphoma that your dog can acquire. Technically speaking, any form of lymphoma can target and kill off the white blood cells in your dog’s body. Once the white blood cell count is down, your dog is prone to infection and disease.

    What Causes Lymphoma?

    There are many unknown causes related to lymphoma. Some dog breeds are more prone to the condition considering their genetics. If your dog does not have lymphoma in their genes, the only other possible way to acquire the disease is through the environment they live in.

    Many dog parents are unaware of the role that the environment plays on their dog’s life. For instance, the paints, solvents, pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides floating around the air may have something to do with the development of lymphoma.

    Even still, your dog may be at risk for developing lymphoma if he or she has a weak immune system. Viruses and bacteria will play a role in this.

    Traditional Lymphoma Treatment

    Lymphoma has no known cure. Fortunately, treatment is available

    The most common treatment method that dogs will go through while battling lymphoma is chemotherapy. People may have a hard time going through this type of treatment, but dogs do not react the same way. The most common side effect of chemotherapy in dogs may be hair loss.

    Other options of treatment include radiation and surgery if the condition persists. For extra support, your veterinarian may prescribe painkillers, dietary supplements, and physical therapy.

    Can CBD Help Treat Lymphoma in Dogs?

    Lymphoma has no known cure, as you already know; that doesn’t mean that there is no treatment available.

    Dogs typically go through chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. However, veterinarians may prescribe additional medications or supplements to ease the pain and discomfort that comes along with cancer. Here is where CBD oil products come in.

    As many of us know, CBD oil is an anti-inflammatory, all-natural supplement that harbors no known side effects. Administering such a medication will significantly improve your dog’s quality of life and restore their mindset.

    CBD Dosage for dogs with Lymphoma

    Unfortunately, we cannot tell you the exact dosage your dog should be taking if they have lymphoma. However, we can say this: Check with your veterinarian. The company you’ve purchased the CBD oil from will most likely have recommendations on the box or in the instruction manual, too.

    Keep in mind, every dog will have a different set of dosage guidelines. Your dog’s weight, size, breed, and condition will all factor in to determine the appropriate dose.

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