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CBD Oil For Dog Mange

Dog Mange
Mange is essentially hair loss caused by mites, or at least that’s the general definition most veterinarians and specialists give it. Mange is not that popular of a disease, but it’s not uncommon for your dog to acquire the disease at one point in their lives.

We’re here to help those dog parents out there that don’t know all that much about mange. Here, you’ll learn what the condition is and what the causes of the disease are; you’ll receive additional information regarding traditional and natural treatment methods, too.

Let’s get started on learning as much as we can about mange.

What is Mange?

Mange, better known as sarcoptic mange, is a contagious skin disease caused by the Sarcoptes scabiel mite. The mites will take up home in your dog’s skin, usually resulting in extreme itching. Over time, the itching and irritation become too much for your dog. That means he or she will start to scratch at the infected areas so much that their hair will begin to fall out.

Mange has treatment options, but many pet professionals highly recommend that your dog stay quarantined while going through these treatments. Why? Because the disease is highly contagious.

What Causes Mange?

Your dog is most likely going to acquire this disease if he or she is around an already infected dog. The mites tend to burrow themselves in one animal, but they will move on quickly to another as soon as they can. That’s why dog’s that share kennels, shelters, dog parks, and vet clinics are more susceptible to acquire the disease.

If your dog is around another dog with mange, he or she will not exhibit symptoms for approximately two to six weeks afterward.

Traditional Mange Treatment

Often, mange is treated using a scabicide, otherwise known as a medication used to kill the mites. Sometimes, a dog with mange will be dipped into a scabicidal shampoo to kill all the itchy mites at once. However, there are likely still eggs burrowed in the dog’s skin, leading vet’s to prescribe ongoing treatment. Some animals will have to go through the procedure once a week for up to six weeks to be sure that the mites are entirely gone.

Oral medication may be an added treatment method, too.

Can CBD Help Treat Mange in Dogs?

CBD oil has been known to help treat numerous ailments in dogs; however, these oils and products cannot entirely get rid of the mites associated with the disease mange.

CBD is not entirely useless, though. Symptoms associated with mange are extreme itchiness and irritation; CBD can help by relieving this discomfort.

Basically, CBD oil  products cannot get rid of the mites. That’s half the problem, and that’s where veterinarian prescriptions come in. Luckily, it can ease your dog’s pain. All in all, giving CBD to your pup will decrease the itchiness and irritation. This will ultimately reduce your dog’s hair loss, too.

CBD Dosage for Dogs with Mange

CBD oil does not have strict dosage guidelines. Many factors go into determining a firm dosage.
Check in with your veterinarian and read the suggested dosages on the product information sheet you receive when you purchase the CBD product. Most of the time, your dog’s weight, size, and breed will determine the amount to administer. The condition your dog is dealing with will also play a part in how much to administer.

Speak to your veterinarian if you have any further concerns.

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