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  • CBD Oil For Dog Tumors

    CBD Oil For Dog Tumors

    Tumors can also be known as growths, masses, and abnormal tissue. Here, we’ll get into the details of what tumors are, what causes them, and how to treat them. Read on to learn more.

    What are Tumors?

    Many dog owners start to panic when they hear the term tumor, but there’s no reason to feel this way at the beginning of the diagnosing process.

    Tumors are abnormal growths that can appear on any area of the body. Often, these growths do not make themselves known until you are petting or grooming your beloved pup. Veterinarians recommend that dog parents bring their pets in for a full physical exam at least once a year to check for tumors. Once the vet finds a tumor, your dog will have to undergo tests to distinguish whether the mass is malignant or benign.

    What Causes Tumors?

    Many tumors can form on your dog’s body. Below, we are going to name the most common types and briefly explain each.

    Cyst: Cysts are filled with fluid and can appear on the body for many reasons. Most of the time, this tumor-like lump is benign, but we recommend you check in with your vet either way. If it is benign, and it is not bothering your dog, the veterinarian will recommend letting it go away on its own. If it is bothering your dog, the veterinarian will likely drain it or perform surgery.

    Lipoma: Lipomas are benign skin tumors made up of fatty tissue. These tumors can range in size from small to large, but they are typically not removed from the body unless they are inhibiting your dog’s ability to get around.

    Osteosarcoma: This type of tumor is better known as a form of bone cancer. Typically, this type of cancer is common in larger breeds of dogs. If your beloved pup has this condition, he or she may feel pain in their limbs, inadvertently causing limping. Over time, your vet may recommend amputation of a limb to take away some of your dog’s pain, but this will only give you an extra year or two of life.

    Papilloma: This tumor type is benign, but that doesn’t mean that problems are not associated with it. Papillomas are dog warts in the shape of the vegetable cauliflower. They typically appear on the lips, around the eyes, and inside the mouth. When papillomas start to develop, they will cause a great deal of discomfort chewing and swallowing. This type of tumor is contagious.

    Traditional Tumor Treatment – Can CBD Help Treat Tumors in Dogs?

    Malignant tumors are cancerous lumps that require prescription medications, chemotherapy, and surgery for treatment. There’s no way around this.
    Benign tumors are non-cancerous lumps that your vet may remove if your dog is in pain. If the mass is not altering your dog’s life, your vet may leave the tumor alone.
    Either way, CBD oil cannot get rid of the tumor for your dog. However, CBD oil products can reduce the pain and inflammation that tumors bring your dog.

    CBD Dosage for Dogs with Tumors

    CBD dosage will always range depending on what problem your dog is facing.
    Check in with your vet to determine the right dosage for your pup. If he or she is going through surgery to remove a tumor, they may need to have an increased dose of CBD oil. On the other hand, if he or she is going through daily pain symptoms, they may need a more firm dose.

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