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CBD oil for heart disease in dogs

CBD for Dogs Heart Disease


Hearing that your dog has heart disease is like a punch in the gut. It’s difficult to come to terms with the fact that your dog is ill, no matter what the condition is. Many people are using CBD oil to treat heart disease in dogs, and many of them are happy with the results.

Unfortunately, though, CBD has never been studied on dogs with heart disease. This doesn’t prove that CBD can’t help with heart disease, but it simply means we don’t know.

However, research on CBD does show that it might be able to improve heart health in other mammals. Since it is generally safe and highly beneficial for dogs, many people decide to use it on their dogs despite the lack of research.

Can CBD oil treat heart disease in dogs?

We can’t say for certain, as there is no research on the topic. We only have anecdotal evidence in the form of dog owners saying that it helped their dogs – but this, sadly, is not definitive proof.

However, we know that CBD can support cardiovascular health in other mammals, such as humans and mice. For example, this 2017 study involved giving human volunteers CBD after placing them in a high-stress situation. The subjects who were given CBD had lower blood pressure than those who were given a placebo.

Research, such as this 2012 review on atherosclerotic heart disease and this study on the tissues of the heart, support the idea that CBD can support heart health in mammals.

In addition to this, CBD is a proven anti-inflammatory, according to multiple scientific reviews. This is helpful because inflammation is a symptom of many heart diseases, and a side-effect of certain medications. CBD might also have a mood-lifting, anti-anxiety effect on dogs, which is useful for when your dog is feeling down in the dumps.

While there is a lack of research on CBD and heart disease in dogs, many people conclude that it’s worth trying.

Is CBD safe for dogs with heart disease?

Overall, CBD is a safe supplement for dogs. Studies, such as this 2018 study, show that CBD is well-tolerated by dogs. In a 2019 survey, US-based veterinarians reported that the side effects of CBD were uncommon. These side-effects may include sleepiness, and more rarely, an increased appetite, nausea, and anxiety.

However, cannabis itself is toxic to dogs – so use a reputable brand that makes CBD especially for pets. Check out our comparison of CBD suppliers if you’re not sure which CBD to buy for your dog.

Of course, the dosage is very important. Our CBD dosage chart can help you determine how much CBD to give your dog according to their weight and condition.

Remember to speak to your vet before using CBD to treat heart disease in your dog. CBD can interact with other medications, so it’s important to clear it with a health professional before trying it out. You shouldn’t use CBD to replace another medicine, unless your vet explicitly advises you to do so.

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