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How can I Help My Dog if He or She is diagnosed with Epilepsy?

dog Epilepsy treatment with cbd oil

Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological diseases amongst dogs. What makes the situation much worse is that the condition typically ends up being life-long with little ways to cure it; however, there are ways to treat your pup if they’re put in this position.

The #1 symptom of epilepsy is epileptic seizures. Many vets and medical personnel state that there are countless reasons as to the cause of epilepsy and narrowing it down would be difficult. Most of the time, causes are related to either environmental issues or genetic factors.

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Should I be worried that my dog can get epilepsy?

This is a logical question to ask yourselves. Though epilepsy is more prominent in dog breeds such as Beagles, German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, and Bernese Mountain Dogs, that’s not to say other breeds won’t develop the condition over time. Epilepsy can also be the result of severe head trauma, tumors, constant inflammation, or a degenerative brain disease. In addition, some health instances such as low blood sugar or failure of vital organs such as the kidney/liver can cause epilepsy.

If my dog does develop epilepsy, what should I do?

First things first, you’re probably going to want to visit your vet. Talk things over with him/her and get the professional opinion to ease your worries. Don’t forget, there’s almost an endless amount of anticonvulsants on the market today that can help your pup, but there is only one anticonvulsant that has no side effects: CBD oil.

What benefit will CBD oil have on my dog?

Anticonvulsants like Diazepam, Phenobarbital, and Potassium Bromide work, they just have a lot of unnecessary side effects. Because dogs have the same endocannabinoid system as we do, they’ll benefit the same way we do.

Keep in mind, CBD will not get your dog high at all. That’s not what the component does. Instead, it relaxes the body and mind and allows for a happier pup, while also soothing any pain, inflammation, or side effects associated with epilepsy. Actually, CBD is not even considered a medication because of this little factor, it’s simply known as a supplement instead.

What’s the best way to administer CBD oil to my dog?

The best way to get the CBD in your pup’s system is to put a few drops in a dropper and simply place it on their tongue. Be sure to note how much of the oil you should be giving him/her, as their tolerance for the supplement is a lot less than ours is (that, and they weigh a lot less than us humans). If you do administer the drops through a dropper on his/her tongue, the oil will surely get into their system fast.

The exact dose for your dog will depend on his/her specific breed and condition. You’ll want to keep the brand of oil in mind when administering a dosage, too. Typically, 2 to 4 drops will do the trick for a range of ailments.


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