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Parkinson’s disease: How Can I cbd oil Help My Dog?

dog Parkinson treatment with cbd oil

Out of all the diseases out there today, Parkinson’s is probably one of the worst. This neurodegenerative disorder is an ailment that affects the dopamine-producing areas of the brain. As a result, humans, and dogs with the disease will develop symptoms such as tremors, stiff muscles, trouble sleeping, dizziness, fatigue, amnesia, and anxiety. That’s just the start of the symptoms, unfortunately.

What’s worse is that you can’t tell what your dog is feeling if he/she has the disease. In humans, for instance, if we experience a tremor we are able to state that it hurt or that it felt odd. If your pup has tremors, they may look uncomfortable and irritated, but it’s hard to tell if they’re in any pain. That’s where CBD oil comes in.

Let’s start off with a little bit more information about Parkinson’s disease and then we’ll get to how CBD oil can help your dog out with his/her symptoms.

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How does Parkinson’s disease affect my dog?

As previously stated Parkinson’s disease affects the area of the brain that produces dopamine. Without enough adequate dopamine, the body cannot function normally. Instead, the lack of dopamine results in your dog not being able to carry through with normal functions.

Let me explain a little further. When that area of the brain is working properly, your dog will be able to carry out regular everyday functions. When it’s not working well due to the disease killing off the cells that get the job done, your pup’s body will not be as easily controlled. This, in turn, will make your dogs limbs sporadically act out in a random fashion.

What is a good treatment to help my dog with the symptoms that come with Parkinson’s disease?

That’s hard to answer. It’s hard to answer because there’s no one medication out there on the market that can cure ALL symptoms that follow the disease. Sure, there are medications that could be prescribed by your vet to subside a few of the symptoms, but chances of one medication helping all symptoms are slim to none.

In turn, that’s why vets typically prescribe more than one medication to help your dog. However, there’s bound to be side effects to these medications, especially if your pup is taking more than just one.

If I may suggest, I would say to go talk to your vet about the option of using CBD oil.

CBD oil has tons of healing properties in it, allowing for it to help out with multiple symptoms involved in Parkinson’s disease. Plus, there are no unwanted side effects to using the products made from CBD. Not only will the CBD help reduce the tremors by relaxing the mind and body, but it will also encourage your dog to have a normal life. He or she will get their appetite back if they haven’t had one, he or she will have more relaxed muscles instead of stiff ones, and he or she will experience fewer tremors, allowing them to run around outside and play as much as they want.

Trying the products out won’t do you harm and it’ll make your pup the happiest he/she has been in quite some time.


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