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CBD Oil For Dogs Cancer

dog Cancer treatment with cbd oil

Finding out that your dog has cancer is horrible; I mean, really, that’s probably one of the worst days ever to have to go through. What’s worse is that you feel helpless, as if you can’t do anything to make your dog feel better. You probably know they’re in pain and you probably know they’re not okay with the circumstances they’ve been dealt.

Don’t get me wrong, cancer a very serious condition and dogs don’t understand that part of the situation. However, there are ways to help your pup out in his or her time of need. Alternative treatments and supplements are on the market now, and their popularity is growing by the day.

That’s what I’m here to talk about: What treatment options do you have for your dog during this time?

First, let’s talk a little bit about cancer.

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What is cancer?

Cancer is the abnormal growth of cells in various areas of the body. These abnormal cells tend to grow rapidly and uncontrollably. Once they’ve overpowered the healthy cells, they start to destroy the body’s tissues and its ability to function properly.

The most horrible part about cancer is that it’s not distinguished by just one disease; it’s technically a variety of diseases, where every cancer affects the body a different way. This goes for humans and dogs.

Though many cancers are terminal, that’s not the case with all of them.

What are some common cancers found in dogs?

The following is a brief list of the cancers found in dogs:

Skin: Skin cancer is among the most common cancers found in dogs. Luckily, it typically turns out to be a benign cancer.

Lymphoma: Lymphoma targets the lymph nodes and is typically found when at least one of the lymph nodes is overly swollen. This type of cancer is extremely aggressive and spreads very quickly.

Testicle: Almost as common as skin cancer, testicle cancer is associated with retained testicles.

Abdominal tumors: Unfortunately, these tumors are hard to diagnose early on, which makes it difficult to catch.

Bone: Bone cancer typically affects the larger dog breeds and dogs 7 years and older. Most of these cancers affect the limbs.

What can I do to help my dog?

We know the options for cancer: Radiation, chemotherapy, removal of tumors, etc.

Yet, we still wonder if there’s something else that can be done. Thanks to the new and upcoming health supplement known as CBD oil, there is something that can be done.

CBD oil has been known to reduce pain and stop inflammation, which in turn makes it easy to stop the progression of some tumors. In addition, CBD has healing properties to subside unwanted symptoms brought on by cancer, like nausea and vomiting. Symptoms like this will really get your dog upset, and you want to make him or her as comfortable as you can.

Though CBD has not been proven to cure any cancers yet, it is proven to push away a lot of the symptoms brought on by it. If you can raise your dog’s spirits and help with the pain and inflammation, why not do it?


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