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Keeping Your Golden Retriever Healthy Well Into Their Golden Years

Keeping Your Golden Retriever Healthy Well Into Their Golden Years

Golden Retrievers are energetic, protective, fun-loving family dogs. We need to do everything we can as dog owners to protect these special pups as best we can; that includes feeding, training, entertaining, and grooming them the right way.

Below, check out the top five categories to keep your golden retriever healthy into their golden years. You’ll want to abide by the suggestions within the categories as best you can to ensure he or she has an excellent quality of life.

  1. Feeding Your Golden

Buy high-quality food.
High-quality food will ensure that your dog is getting the best of the best, which means that all the necessary nutrients are present in the recipe. There are specific dog brands on the market for golden retrievers, so it may be best to start there.

Keep your dog on a feeding schedule.
The feeding schedule will change as your golden ages; for instance, when he or she is a puppy, he or she may have to eat up to four times a day. The feeding schedule may change as your dog gets older. Speak with your vet if you have any further questions.

Always provide fresh water.
Water should be provided for your dog at all times throughout the day, and it should be changed at least once per day. Do not cut off the water supply for any reason.

  1. Grooming Your Golden

Brush your dog once a day.
Golden retrievers have long coats; these long coats may be wavy or straight, but whatever the case may be, he or she should be brushed once a day to avoid matting and constant shedding. Your dog won’t give you problems if you start the routine early in age.

Keep the ears clean.
Because golden retrievers have big, floppy ears, you’ll want to make sure they stay clean and free of unwanted particles. Keep in mind, dogs with big ears tend to be more prone to ear infections, so inspecting them regularly will assure you that his or her ears are healthy and clean.

Take care of the nails.
If you are a little scared of cutting your dog’s nails, bring him or her to the groomer to get it done. Either way, keeping up with this will ensure that your dog’s nails do not split or crack, as this is very painful for them.

Brush those teeth.
To avoid bad breath, and to keep your golden’s mouth healthy and fresh, start brushing their teeth early on. This will get them used to the routine.

  1. Entertain Your Golden

Exercise daily.
Because golden retrievers are very energetic and active, you’ll want to give them their daily exercise. Try your best to get him or her outside for about half an hour every day. You can take your dog for a walk or play games in the yard, it doesn’t matter.

When you can, go swimming.
These dogs love to swim, and its great exercise. Just make sure you’re keeping an eye on your golden at all times; do not put him or her in an unsafe area to swim.

  1. Training Your Golden

Potty train at a young age.
Yes, this will take a lot of time and effort, but its best that your dog knows how to go to the bathroom outside. Keep in mind, you should never yell at your dog for going to the bathroom in the house, but you should praise him or her for going outside in the right spot.

Teach your golden basic demands.
Start easy, and then work your way up the list of tricks if you’d like. Basic demands will stimulate your dog’s mind, but it will also encourage a stronger bond between the two of you.

Bring your dog around other dogs.
Bring your golden retriever around other dogs so that he or she can socialize with them and not be anxious or afraid when meeting new dogs. It’s also helpful to bring him or her around babies, cats, and other animals while he or she is young to avoid unwanted situations in the future.

  1. Protecting Your Golden

Keep a collar and ID tag on at all times.
Just in case your golden gets out somehow, you should always keep a collar and ID tag on him or her at all times. This way, you’ll know your pup will come back home to you.

Take your dog to the vet.
Make sure your dog is up to date on vaccines by going to the vet at least once a year. If your dog has any breed-related diseases in his or her DNA, be sure to get him or her tested to see what you should watch out for

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