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    CBD oil or CBD treats

    You’ve read the research on CBD oil for dogs and you’re convinced that it will benefit your four-legged friend – but should you give your dog CBD oil, or CBD treats?

    There are many different brands of CBD treats and oils on the market, and the options can be overwhelming. If you’re deciding whether to give your dog treats or oils, give this a read.

    CBD treats

    Benefits of giving your dog CBD treats

    • Your dog is more likely to let you put a treat in their mouth than a dropper.
    • Many CBD dog treats include health-supporting ingredients, such as turmeric, pumpkin, blueberry, grains, and more.
    • They have a double use – you can use them for medicinal purposes while giving your dog a treat, making them ideal for helping you train your dog.
    • You can make your own CBD dog treats at home.
    • Most treats contain oil – such as coconut oil – which can improve the bioavailability of the CBD. This means it’s easier for your dog’s body to absorb it.

    Drawbacks of giving your dog CBD treats

    • CBD dog treats are often more expensive than the oil drops, because it covers the cost of the ingredients and the labor involved in baking them.
    • If you buy them, you can’t always be sure whether they contain enough CBD.
    • Some brands use low-quality ingredients to make the treats.
    • If the treats are made badly, it can affect the strength of the CBD. CBD loses its potency at high temperatures, so the oil should be added after it’s baked, not before.

    Benefits and drawbacks of CBD oil

    Benefits of giving your dog CBD oil

    • It’s easier to adjust the exact amount of drops your dog gets according to their individual needs. This is helpful if you want to gradually increase the dosage they get.
    • CBD oil often works out cheaper than CBD-infused dog treats.
    • You know exactly what’s going into your dog’s mouth – no low-quality ingredients for you!

    Drawbacks of giving your dog CBD oil

    • If your dog doesn’t like medicine, they might not let you put the dropper in their mouth. This can make it inconvenient.
    • Without added oil like coconut oil, CBD oil might be less bioavailable to your dog. This means that your dog’s body will struggle to absorb its goodness.

    The solution

    Both CBD dog treats and CBD oil have their benefits and drawbacks. The method you choose will depend on your dog. If you’re struggling to choose, here are some tips:

    • Always buy from a reputable company, no matter whether you buy dog treats or oil.
    • If you don’t trust commercially made CBD dog treats, make your own or add CBD drops to your dog’s usual treats.
    • Add the CBD oil to a spoonful of xylitol-free peanut butter to encourage your dog to eat it.
    • Add the CBD oil to your dog’s favorite food.
    • Add some coconut oil to your dog’s diet to improve their ability to absorb CBD oil.

    No matter whether you use CBD treats or oil, be sure to use the right dosage based on our dosage chart. Start with a small amount and gradually increase it. Always consult your vet before giving your dog CBD oil.

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