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CBD Review on Holistapet

Holistapet is a remarkable CBD company that combines full-spectrum CBD with super food infusions to create the perfect treats for your dog. Specifically speaking, they have 3 distinct formulas on the market today, ensuring that your pup will fall in love with at least one of them. Not only do they offer CBD treats, but they also have a range of capsules and tinctures for their customers to have a wide variety of options to choose from. All CBD products from Holistapet focus on helping pets of all shapes and sizes with mobility and joint issues, skin allergies, pain and inflammation, seizures and epilepsy, digestive issues, and overall wellness. And don’t worry, because, with Holistapet, you’ll get an absolutely 100% safe product that your dog will love.

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To back Holistapet up, many reviews have been posted to their site, all with 5-star ratings. Many people have had the same, or similar, stories. The stories go as follows: Pet owners have taken their dogs to the local vet to check out an ailment. Most of the time, the vet pushes to prescribe prescription medication to the dog. In turn, the pet owners become hesitant, especially considering a number of prescription medications on the market today cause a lot of unwanted side effects. Once the pet owners asked around for opinions and help in handling the problem, they came to a decision: CBD oil. Once they found Holistapet, they were even more confident in their measures to help their pups out.

Holistapet has many beneficial aspects. With their all natural and organic recipes delivered to your door using lightning fast shipping, they’re sure to win your support. Plus, don’t forget that they go through third-party testing to make sure everything is of the best quality.

What products do they offer?

As for their products, Holistapet offers a variety of pet tinctures, capsules, and doggie treats. The pet tinctures offered come in 150 mg, 300 mg, and 600 mg. The capsules are offered the same way. As for the doggie treats, Holistapet has gone above and beyond to make sure your pup is happy-go-lucky. Some of the treats are targeted to help with anxiety and stress, others are targeted to help with joint and mobility care, and still others are targeted to help with heart and immune care. All of the doggie treats are offered as single packs, but they also come in bundles, so that you can save a few extra bucks while making your dog happy.

Each doggie treat offered has a different, distinct flavor. The treats offered to help anxiety and stress are naturally flavored with green apple and peanut butter, the treats offered to help with joint and mobility care are naturally flavored pumpkin spice and cinnamon, and the treats offered to help with heart and immune care are naturally flavored blueberry and sweet potato. The prices are very reasonable and the dosage requirements are always listed.

What else can Holistapet offer you?

If you’re not happy with the product, you will be offered a money-back guarantee as long as you return the products to Holistapet within the allotted time. Try it out today and be surprised at how happy your pup is by the end of the day.


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