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CBD Review on Pet Releaf

Pet Releaf’s mission is to change what healthy means to pets. They strive to make sure their CBD products are of the highest quality for your pets to indulge in. In addition, they’d like to add to their mission statement that they are in the business to help heal animals from the inside out. With that being said, they make sure all of their CBD products are third party tested before making their way to your door, especially considering they specifically care about what you put into your pet’s body.

Pet Releaf is made in the U.S. and it’s 100% safe and organic for your dog to ingest. This CBD Company prides itself on having their own proprietary organic hemp strain, known as PR-33. This strain is non-GMO and contains absolutely no ingredients from China, ever. Their third-party and solvent testings are conducted every single month, never skipping one. Because Pet Releaf sees your dog as a member of your family, they go above and beyond to make sure you have every reason to trust them.

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What products do they offer?

Amongst the products, Pet Releaf offers are hemp oil, hemp oil capsules, canna care, and edibites. I’ll briefly describe each below so that you can get on the bandwagon with me and hundreds of other people.

Hemp oil: Hemp oil offered to pet owners for their pets starts at 330 mg and continues onto 700 mg, then 1000 mg, them 1700 mg. Prices start at $28.99.
Hemp oil capsules: Hemp oil capsules offered to pet owners for their pet’s starts off as a 10-pack and goes up in size as the price rises. Prices start at $31.99.
Canna care: Canna care is Pet Releaf’s CBD-infused topical treatments. While the hemp oil, capsules, and edibites created by Pet Releaf were created to help your dogs from the inside out, canna care products are created to take care of the outside. Plus, all products are made vegan with all plant-based ingredients. Amongst the canna care products offered are canna care topical 1 oz and canna care topical 4 oz. Prices start at $26.99.

Edibites: Edibites offered to pet owners for their pets are super yummy. Each batch is baked in small batches in the Pet Releaf Colorado kitchen. And, even though it took them a year to master, Pet Releaf has finally found the perfect way to bake these edibites without sacrificing any of the beneficial cannabinoids. Whether your pup is in excruciating pain from an ailment like cancer or whether your pup is in fine health, these edibites are sure to boost immunity within him/her. As far as flavors go, Pet Releaf offers peanut butter & banana edibites and blueberry & cranberry edibites.

What else can Pet Releaf offer you?

The benefits of all of these products are phenomenal, and if you don’t believe my word and the word from those that have reviewed the products, check it out for yourself. The money-back guarantee that’s stated on the site will hold up, though Pet Releaf doubts the money-back guarantee will be used.


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