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CBD Review on SitStay

SitStay was established in 1995, and since then, they’ve succeeded in making their customers (both human and animals) happy. In fact, SitStay was one of the very first companies to be an internet retailer offering high-quality pet products shipped directly to your door. For over 20 years now, they’ve been the leading go-to company for all dogs needs, whether it be where they work, where they live, or where they play.

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What products do they offer?

Though SitStay does not offer CBD products to help your dogs with their ailments, they do make up for it in other daily needed products. From supplements and treats, to vests, patches, and accessories, SitStay has your back on a day-to-day basis. Not to mention they also carry dog beds, leashes, collars, and toys.

What else can SitStay offer you?

What other benefits does SitStay offer?

  • SitStay has deals on shipping almost all the time. If you buy $50 worth of products from their site, they’ll ship directly to your home free of shipping charges.
  • SitStay has an auto-ship program where you can pick the products you want, set up a schedule to go by, and receive those products the same time each month (or however often you’d prefer). What’s more is that you don’t have to give this program your full commitment; in fact, you can cancel at any time and resign up later on.
  • SitStay notifies you before each shipment is to be sent to your home. If you have an account with them, they’ll notify you of any problems beforehand.
  • SitStay offers all viewers and customers access to their blog. Articles are written on an almost daily basis, offering you advice on everything from if your dog has seizures to common food allergies; though they don’t carry CBD products for your dogs, they do have articles expressing how CBD oil and similar products can help your dog on a regular basis.

SitStay has many regular deals on an almost daily basis, too. Their sales always consist of reasonable prices, with 90% of them under $15. Typically, SitStay will provide deals for their customers on items like dog treats, chews, and jerky. Every once in a while, a product that helps with your pet’s health will be thrown in the mix, as SitStay aims to please you.

If you ever want any additional coupon codes or update on SitStay, the company encourages you to become a part of their family by creating an account. To add, follow SitStay on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can give them your e-mail to be a part of their listing, too. The options are quite literally endless, and they’re all there to do one thing: Help you and your dogs out.

As many CBD product sites and regular dog sites now have a money-back guarantee and return policies, so does SitStay. Over at this pet supply company, they like to make their customers happy every step of the way, especially if they’re not satisfied with the end product.


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