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CBD Review on VETCBD

VETCBD was created and founded by Dr. Tim Shu to help pets with health issues specifically. The cannabis formula is guaranteed to help animals in a variety of ways, without any medically induced side effects. VETCBD uses full spectrum, all-natural ingredients to make their products safe and easy to use for animals.

All products created by VETCBD are tested prior to sales and in accordance with the strict guidelines that the state of California employs. The company assures customer’s that each batch is accurately produced and tested in their state-certified laboratories. Each product made is 100% free from pesticides, solvents, and all foreign materials.

In the past, many veterinarians would suggest and write up scripts for prescription drugs whenever a dog had an issue with anxiety, arthritis, hip dysplasia, etc. Now, Dr. Shu has turned the tables around, making it possible for dogs to partake of all-natural cannabis products created with his own formula.

Veterinarian Formulated CBD

Veterinarian Formulated CBD

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What products do they offer?

VETCBD offers easy to measure CBD tinctures for pets. These all-natural products made with olive oil come in two doses:  125 mg and 250 mg. If the 125 mg bottle is ordered, you’ll get 30 milliliters in the package, or one fluid ounce. If the 250 mg bottle is ordered, you’ll get 60 milliliters in the package, or two fluid ounces.
As of right now, these are the only products VETCBD is able to offer. As time goes on, Dr. Shu intends to broaden his product list for animals and owners to look into.

What else can VETCBD offer you?

As of now, VETCBD is unable to ship products due to the current California law. However, the company does have retail locations present in California. VETCBD hopes to soon be able to deliver their products to areas around the country and/or the world in the upcoming future so that they will be able to help animals with various health conditions. There are delivery services that go throughout California; if you are a resident of the state, information regarding the process can be found on the website.

VETCBD products were created to help dogs with anxiety, inflammation, cancer, nausea, pain, arthritis, seizures, and other neurological disorders. Various testimonials will back up Dr. Shu and his mission, and they can be found on the website, too.

If you’re worried about VETCBD products having the potential to get your dog “high,” Dr. Shu would like to assure you that this is not possible. The carefully orchestrated formula was created to help your animals, not harm them. All testing that the company goes through is for the benefit of your dog and his or her health condition.


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