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CBD oil testimonials from Enzo

CBD oil Testimonial
    Separation Anxiety
Labrador retriever

Enzo is a happy-go-lucky puppy – everyone loves him in our family, and he loves everyone back. But Enzo doesn’t like it when we leave him alone; he feels abandoned and frightened.

This spectacular Labrador retriever has only been living in our household with us for about six months, but he’s not six months old. No, Enzo is 2 ½ years old, and before he found a forever home with us, he was boarded up at the local pound. The shelter couldn’t give us much information about his prior whereabouts, but the lovely workers did mention that he was found on the side of the road, left alone, in the cold on a chilly winter afternoon. He had a collar on with his name, but the address was scraped off of the dog tag, as if to tell whoever found him that they did not want him back.

I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why they’d do such a thing; Enzo is a bright young dog. He’s never attacked my children, he’s never growled or disobeyed me, and he’s never shown any negative behavior whatsoever. The only thing wrong with him is his issues with separation anxiety from us. If no one is home with him throughout the day and night, he freaks out. Enzo will chew and scratch all of the furniture. He’ll make a mess of the kitchen by getting into the trash. He’ll try his best to show us that he is not okay with the separation. And we refuse to crate him, because the confinement may just be too much for his little heart to handle.

We struggled to find a solution, until our neighbor told us about CBD oil.

Our neighbor is a dog parent, too. She owns three dogs: Laura (Yorkie), Hunter (Beagle), and Camden (Corgi). They all have their own health issues they’re facing, but CBD oil seems to be the cure-all for everything they experience.

I did what my neighbor suggested; I went out and purchased some high-quality CBD oil to give my loving Enzo. I also used different processes that my veterinarian suggested I use – including counterconditioning and desensitization procedures. The two treatment methods combined worked wonders for Enzo!

I will admit, it took a little bit of time to get him used to the separation – about two months – but it was definitely worth it. Now, when I leave the house, he’s A-OK; partly because I give him a toy with peanut butter in it and partly because half an hour before I leave, I administer a few drops of CBD into his mouth.

He still gets super excited when I return home, or when anyone returns home, for that matter. But at least he’s not leaving a mess and yelping out because he misses us. It’s a healthier approach than medication, and I’m beyond happy that my neighbor took the time to tell me about this natural product – now my Enzo can live a happier life!

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