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CBD oil testimonials from Daisy

CBD oil Testimonial from Daisy
    Hip Dysplasia, Arthritis, Patellar Luxation

Daisy is our little princess; my husband, my kids, and I all love her to death. She’s the fluffiest, spunkiest, smartest, most elegant poodle I think I’ve ever seen, and I’m not trying to be biased.

We adopted Daisy when she was just puppy, about 8 months old. She had nothing wrong with her health for the first few years, until she turned 4. That’s when Daisy was diagnosed with sebaceous adenitis, a condition that causes sever inflammation under the skin. She was losing her hair and her skin was constantly irritated or infected. My family knew we had to do something, and fast.

My husband and I had thought that bringing her into the vet was the safest thing to do, until the vet stated that the medications for her condition would potentially bring on many unwanted side effects. We just couldn’t see our little Daisy suffering any further. We begged and pleaded for another way, but the vet said there was little she could do.

That’s when my husband said we should get a second opinion, and so we did. The next vet we went to was so kind and willing to help our Daisy. Apparently, CBD oil was a common way to help dogs with several conditions, and the vet told us all about it.

We went home and tried our luck with the CBD oil, and sure enough, the vet was right! The inflammation under Daisy’s skin has gone down tremendously and her hair has not been falling out as often or as fast. It’s slowed down to almost a crawl! And, she wasn’t scratching at her skin anymore, which meant her infections would not be seen as often. We’re so happy that Daisy is back to her old self and that we can have fun with her without her being in pain anymore.

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