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    CBD oil Testimonial from Frannie
      Allergies, Seizures, Allergies
    French Bulldog

    My Frannie is probably one of the funniest dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing (and that includes both dogs I’ve owned and my loved ones have known). Though she farts almost constantly, she’s still my favorite living thing on this planet. Let’s not forget to mention that she loves and adores me just as much as I do her. But, when I found her in the middle of the living room floor having her first seizure, my heart immediately broke.

    Frannie was 5-years-old when she had her first seizure, and it was a pretty lengthy one at that. It lasted almost an entire minute, but it felt like much longer than that. After she had the seizure, I rushed her into the animal hospital immediately. I was so worried, not to mention that she couldn’t stand up straight or walk afterwards.

    The vet said that certain medications could help her, but I was so indecisive of what my next move was. I begged and pleaded for other ways to help Frannie. That’s when the vet technician came in the room and told me something I didn’t know. Apparently, the CBD oil present in marijuana was an option!

    I took the vet tech’s advice and ordered some online from a reputable source. A few days went by, and Frannie was starting to walk normally again. Not only that, but she was full of so much energy, I could barely relax her. It’s as if her puppy days had come back!

    I’d highly recommend CBD oil for your Frenchie, especially considering my Frannie loved it.

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