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    CBD oil Testimonial from Lana
      Hiatal Hernia, Cherry Eye, Tumors

    I love bulldogs; I’ve had them my whole life. Right now, I currently have three living in my household, and they’re all my best friends (well mine and my partner’s).

    Trey, Lilly, and Lana are my loves. Trey is 3-years-old, Lilly is 4-years-old, and Lana is 5-years-old. So far, they haven’t had much trouble in the health department, except for our Lana.

    Lana was diagnosed with hip dysplasia early last year. She struggled for quite some time, having days where she barely wanted to move. I mean, sure, she’d get up to go to the bathroom and eat something, but when it came to playing around in the yard, she just wasn’t having it.

    recently i heard some advertisements for CBD oil and how it can help dogs of all shapes and sizes. I ended up researching the topic and found a highly recommended company that sold the product, so I decided to give them a quick call. The representative was very helpful and she told us that we could try the oil at a discounted rate to see if it was right for our Lana. That’s what we did.

    Within only a couple of days, Lana was outside playing around in the yard with her siblings. She didn’t ignore us when it was time to go for walks she thanked us every time we gave her the oil, as if she knew it were helping her. It was the funniest thing.

    CBD oil greatly helped Lana, and that will be the first thing we turn to if our other pups experience ailments throughout their lives. We greatly appreciate what the oil has done for our Lana.

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