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CBD oil testimonials from Lexie

CBD Testimonial from Lexie
    Arthritis, Bloat, Cancer
Labrador Retriever

Lexie is my golden retriever princess; I mean, I love her! She’s been the most loyal and amazing pup a dog owner could have, which made it extremely difficult to watch her go through her arthritis issues.

My lab loved to play fetch at the local park by my house almost every day. She also loved to run circles around the house just to get her daily exercise in. One day, she was running around having a good time, when suddenly, I heard a small yelp come out of her. She instantly looked at me and slowly walked over by my side just to lay down. Lexie kept licking one specific area on her leg and letting out more small yelps. I was obviously concerned and decided to bring her to the animal hospital right away.

After sitting in the waiting room for nearly half an hour, the vet called Lexie and I into the exam room. The vet did her routine checkup and looked at Lexie for any signs of distress. Like I stated, she was letting out small yelps whenever the area on her leg was touched. So, the vet ordered X-rays, and when they came back, the results showed arthritis.

I decided to talk to my husband about giving her prescription medication for her arthritis, but we were both very reluctant to proceed with this course of action. When we spoke with our Lexie’s primary vet, she told us there was another way: CBD oil. Though we were a little reluctant about this method, we figured it wouldn’t hurt to do some research.

After finding that CBD oil is completely legal for dogs to use, we decided to give it a shot. Within just a few days, Lexie was running around the local park and our yard even faster than before; it was a miracle!

We don’t give it to her daily, as she doesn’t experience inflammation and pain from her arthritis nonstop. But when she does start to show signs, all we do is give her the recommended dosage and she’s back to knew in a short time. CBD oil changed our Lexie’s life, and we couldn’t be more thankful.

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