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CBD oil testimonials from Lucky

CBD oil Testimonial from Lucky
    Ear Infections, Obesity and Weight Issues
Golden Retriever

Lucky is like my child (probably because I don’t have children yet, but that’s besides the point). She’s so fluffy and she knows just how to get her hair all over my bed. Though I must wash my sheets on a weekly basis, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I mean, that smile that Lucky gives me every time I enter the room is reason enough to love her, never mind all of the other awesome traits she has as the best pup in the world.

But I’m concerned for Lucky and I want to give her the world and make sure she doesn’t have any bad experiences. Last spring, I found out that she has separation anxiety; I mean, the works. She started chewing up the corners of the couch, she started peeing on the floor when I left for work, and she started tearing up the trash every time I turned my back. It’s like she was mad at me for leaving her to go to work and stuff, but it’s not like I wanted to.

So, I brought Lucky into the vet. I wanted to know if my assumption of her diagnosis was true, and I turned out to be 100% right.

I thought my vet was going to start prescribing medications to Lucky, but she surprised me when she suggested buying some CBD oil. Apparently, CBD oil does not get your dog high and it’s completely legal. Plus, it calms her nerves down and allows her to stop doing all those things she did before. Now, she’s not mad at me and she doesn’t chew up our couches. Instead, she runs to the door and wants to shower me with kisses and surprise me with no messes in the house.

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