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CBD oil testimonials from Mel

CBD oil Testimonial from Mel
    Pain, Osteosarcoma, Elbow Dysplasia

Mel was my mom’s Rottweiler first, then she had to move for a job offer. I took her under my wing when I was 19-years-old and she was 4-years-old. Good thing she was used to me, because she’s one spunky little pup.

Mel lived a great life, up until she was 7-years-old. We had great memories running around the house together and snuggling up on the couch together. Then, one day, she couldn’t quite walk properly. Her two front limbs were lacking the stability they needed to have enough coordination, and she kept sort of toppling over in pain. I didn’t understand what was wrong, so I went to a professional to get the diagnosis.

And the winner of the ailments was hip dysplasia. My poor girl had hip dysplasia. I was so sick and tired of seeing her hobble around just to be in pain almost all the time. I refused to listen to what the vet had to say, and I refused to deal with prescription medications, probably because I’m very skeptical.

Instead, I went home and broke out the CBD oil. I take it for myself because I have arthritis in my hips, and when the weather acts up, boy am I in pain. But then I realized that Mel can’t have as much oil as I can. So, I went online, researched a reliable source and bought a well-known brand. I made sure to give her the suggested dosage and she seemed brand new in as little as two days! Her hips are making her dysfunctional, and she’s back to running around with me and snuggling at night. I’m so happy it worked!

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