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CBD oil testimonials from Penny

CBD oil Testimonial from Penny
    Hyperthyroidism, Lymphedema, Arthritis
German Shorthaired Pointer

Penny is adorable, lovable, and downright awesome. I’ve had German Shorthaired Pointers all my life, and I’ve never wanted anything more in my best friend (dog).

Penny is 6-years-old, and she is the funniest dog I’ve ever met in my short life. Which makes it even harder to go see her have her seizures almost every day. I knew I needed to get her help, and I did bring her to the vet right after the first one occurred, but none of the medications were working to help her. I went to different animal hospitals and offices to try and get different opinions, yet all the medications failed. I mean, they didn’t entirely fail, they just worked approximately 50% of the time, and that was not what I was looking for when it came to my Penny.

I went out of my way for weeks on end to try and find a better solution to the problem. That’s when my boyfriend mentioned there had been testing in recent years to see if CBD oil would help dogs with their ailments. I decided to give it a try, thinking that I really had nothing to lose whatsoever.

Once I did, I didn’t regret it one bit. Penny has been seizure-free for about 3 months now, and it’s all thanks to my boyfriend, his CBD oil suggestion, and the company that makes the oil. I’m so happy I can wake up and watch my Penny live a normal life after going through such horrible pain. I’m glad she’ll never have to deal with that sort of thing again.

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