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    CBD oil Testimonial from Reece
      Joint Issues, Aging, Arthritis
    Yorkshire Terrier

    Reece is my very hyper Yorkshire Terrier, and she’s been like that since the day she came home with me. The only thing bad about her hyper personality is that it often leads to anxiety and depression.

    Don’t get me wrong, Reece is a huge part of my life and I love her so much, but when she’s down, she’s really down. On the other hand, when she’s up, she’s really up. It just pains me to see her in those situations.

    Then there’s me. I have anxiety and depression, too. And I find that my CBD oil that I get works wonders on helping me out in those two departments. So, I figured there was a possibility that my little Reece would benefit from it, too. No harm, no foul.

    I purchased some of the oil online, through a source I knew I could trust, and I started giving her a small daily dosage of it. Within just a few hours, Reece was calmer than I’ve ever seen her before (and that’s probably because she’s so tiny and didn’t need such a high dose). But seriously, she wasn’t biting her paws, or burying her face in a pillow, or even avoiding her food bowl. She was just her normal, playful self. And it’s all thanks to the CBD oil. At least I can say I’m grateful they make it for dogs now, because my Reece is back and better than ever (with a little spunk in her personality, too).

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