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    CBD oil Testimonial from Rev
      Ear Infections, Obesity and Weight Issues
    Golden Retriever

    Rev was named Rev because he rev’s up our lives. My sister and I adopted him when we were at a low point in our lives. We had just lost someone we cared deeply for, and we had just moved in together, and we thought adopting Rev would help us out. We sure were right.

    Our Golden Retriever Rev is amazing. He comforts us when we’re sad, makes us smile when we’re mad, and knows exactly what to do to get us in a better mood. His cold wet nose and warm, sloppy kisses are what we cherish.

    There’s just one thing that gets my sister and I very upset when it comes to Rev, and it’s his health. When Rev turned 7 (he’s now 9), he was diagnosed with osteochondritis. Osteochondritis is a condition that affects the joints throughout the body, primarily focusing on the elbows and shoulders. According to the tests, Rev had his condition for longer than we had thought, he just didn’t show signs of pain until he turned 7. Because of his diagnosis, he was having trouble in his daily range of motion activities.

    Lucky for us, our neighbor knew just how to help Rev out. She had faced similar issues with her Golden Retriever and decided to try out CBD oil. My sister and I were skeptical at first, but our neighbor gave us the dosage requirements and we tried it for a few days using her stash. Turns out, Rev seemed to be experiencing less pain and inflammation in and around his joints. We knew this because he was up and acting like a puppy again, no signs of stress whatsoever. We ended up buying our own stash and we give it to him on a fairly regular basis to combat his osteochondritis.

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