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CBD oil testimonials from Rufus

CBD oil Testimonial
    Hyperthyroidism, Lymphedema
German Shorthaired Pointer

Rufus is such a handsome old man. He’s going to be 9-years-old, and in dog years, that means he’s almost 63. He’s still a good boy.

The only thing that gets him down nowadays is his chronic arthritis in almost all his limbs. The inflammation really gets to him, and the pain that he experiences daily makes not want to be active anymore. He really struggles just to go outside, go down the steps, and go to the bathroom.

Because of his condition, I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried the medications, I’ve tried getting him to rest for days on end, I’ve even tried to apply lotions or creams to see if they would seep in the right way. Nothing seemed to work. Until I started giving him CBD oil in the form of treats. My boy loves treats, which makes it even easier for him to take the oil into his bloodstream.

Once Rufus started eating these CBD oil treats, his pain and inflammation caused by the arthritis seemed to diminish almost entirely. Going outside to go to the bathroom became a breeze, and so did every other activity he did. It’s as if he had a chance to start his puppy years all over again, and boy was he not going to hold back with that.

Now Rufus plays with his doggie pals in the park like he used to when he was younger. He also enjoys running around the house, now that he has gotten rid of the pain. I couldn’t be more proud of how he’s handling all of this, and it’s all thanks to the CBD oil treats I found online!

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