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CBD oil testimonials from Rylie

CBD oil Testimonial from Rylie
    Hip Dysplasia, Arthritis, Patellar Luxation

Rylie is a toy poodle, and she’s a very, very good girl. She’s 6-years-old now, and she’s had a heart of gold ever since the day I brought her home.

I love my girl Rylie, I do. Which is why it pains me to say that she was in a horrible accident last year. Rylie was outside running around, during hurricane season, when a small tree landed on the rear part of her body. The tree wasn’t too heavy, and it wasn’t big at all, but she’s a toy poodle, and well, a tree is a tree. Needless to say, the animal hospital rushed her in to see what the damage was, and as a result, she had patellar luxation.

Patellar luxation isn’t as bad as it sounds. I mean, it is awfully painful for Rylie to go through her spasms, but they are short and quick and allow her to still be an active pup. The only thing is that they’re annoying little spasms, and they do hurt in the moment.

Well, I was sick of seeing my Rylie in this kind of pain. And seeing how the vets at the hospital had little to nothing to say about the matter, I figured I’d have to be Rylie’s hero that came to the rescue.

I had recently heard my co-workers talking about CBD oil and how it helped them with their pain and inflammatory problems, and I wondered if it could work on dogs. I went on the internet and dug up all the information I could on the topic, and sure enough, CBD oil does work on dogs… the same way it works on us humans!

I ran to get my credit card and purchased some through a reliable source online. Rylie took the CBD oil willingly, probably because I put it in her food, and her hind legs were spasming less and less as the days went on. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a day every once in a while, where she’s not feeling her best, but for the majority of the days, the CBD oil was her saving grace!

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