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CBD oil testimonials from Shep

CBD oil Testimonial from Shep
    Epilepsy, Dysplasia
German Shepherd

Shep is such a good boy, but he is getting up there in age. Our pup means the world to us, and it killed my husband and I when we found a lump on his hip a few months ago.

We took Shep to the vet to get his tests done and to see if the tumor was cancerous; unfortunately, it was. We were distraught and pained to know that our precious boy wouldn’t be with us longer. And, of course, like every vet does, ours told us there are medications to give him to relieve some of the pain and swelling.

We went down the list of treatment options in the office and at home. talked about how doing chemotherapy would potentially drain him of his energy, and he may not be the same Shep we know and love after his sessions. We talked about cancer medications, and though we didn’t want to give him those pills every day, we did. Mainly because the vet told us it would keep him here longer. Yet the cancer pills didn’t do anything for his spirits, and quite frankly, I didn’t think it was helping the tumor out either.

Shep need another option. We asked around and did our research online and came to one conclusion: CBD oil. My husband and I heard that it was working for dogs, and we thought that there’s a good chance it could work for Shep. So, we went for it.

Shep thanks us every day for giving him that CBD oil. He thanks us with endless amounts of kisses. Why? Because he has his energy back. The tumor is not going to be removed, as we would have to cut his leg off, but for the time being, we have our happy pup. The swelling went down, his spirits are up, and that’s what we’re hoping all along.

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